Difference between YouTube TV and YouTube Premium

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Difference between YouTube TV vs YouTube Premium (YouTube Red)

YouTube TV

It is a live TV streaming service with a collaboration of popular cable networks. means it would be a replacement of Cable TV. YouTube TV also allows you to store Cloud DVR with no storage limits never run out of storage space. Stream your library wherever you need to watch. We can also record videos and series live in the background. Not it will not run in existing YouTube app. This comes with a separate mobile app to use Name is YouTube TV – Watch & Record Live TV. For more detail and features about YouTube TV visit YouTubeTV.

YouTube Premium (before known as YouTube Red):

In YouTube Premium, you will get YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free, offline videos and in the background.
Both memberships give you access to YouTube Originals. But when you subscribed for YouTube TV you are not eligible to use YouTube Premium features. But you are having YouTube Premium membership you can watch YouTube content on YouTube TV without ads. And also, it will work background even you have opened another app. Download videos for future use now crunch of data.

YouTube Premium is a quality version of the videos collection website. It will provide you features exclusive content made by popular YouTubers. Sometimes you-tubers do not disclose a few exclusive contents for all. Within the premium pack, you will be able to view such contents. For more in detail view visit YouTubePremium.

How to Use:

Both the services will work smoothly in Android, IOS and Chrome Cast devices. For YouTube TV you must download separate app.

Cost of Services:

YouTube TV you must pay $40 / per month 6 accounts per household with unique user id and password.  Currently only for the US and for selective cities only. Search you PIN and take benefits of YouTube TV services.

On other hands for YouTube Premium is approx. $12 per month enjoy features like. YouTube (AD free), YouTube music, YouTube originals, YouTube kids, YouTube gaming and google play music as a bundle pack.

Declaimer : Image and contents particles taken from youtube tv and youtube premium website.

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