YouTube is now beyond the video

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YouTube is part of Alphabet Inc. (Google Company)first launched in 2005. Google purchased YouTube in the year 2006 at US$1.65 billion. YouTube can be accessed using google accounts. YouTube is an open platform for Video creator and bloggers. In the beginning, YouTube was not much popular. After mobile uses increased and 3g or 4g launched YouTube become one of the top search and usable portals.

Now YouTube is not just Video search portal. It has been developed and launched lots of services beyond the video expectations. Watch live shows, Live TV and Music and more.

YouTube TV now live

YouTube TV is a live streaming service with a collaboration of popular cable networks. Also allows you to store Cloud DVR with no storage limits. No space crunch storage. Stream your library wherever you need to watch. We can also record videos and series live in the background. Not it will not run in existing YouTube app. currently available Live TV from 70+ networks. Local sports and news. No cable box required. YouTube TV launched in year 2017. Now in US available 3 months trail options.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service introduced by YouTube largest video platform. This allows users to browse through music videos on YouTube. This allows you to search top playlists from local as well as global. It will explore music as per your taste. Your search based on your search behaviour and recommendation of music and video music albums. Initially, It is launched in the year 2015. But after a time spends not get more popularly. Similar music stream apps already have a good subscriber based worldwide like Apple music,, Google Play, Pandora, KuGou and xiami, etc.

YouTube Kids

As we know YouTube is a mesh of video contents related to Crime, Adult contents which are not friendly for Kids. Therefore the demands of kids specific YouTube arise.

YouTube Kids is a subsidiary of YouTube. This app is an alternate YouTube for Kids in this all the service-oriented towards children. In YouTub, Kids have selections of content along with parental control features. Means now parent have options to monitor their kid’s search. YouTube for kids is targeted less video website. Without the help of a parent, children can’t do access YouTube Kids.

Creator Academy

YouTube have billions of subscribers are connected. YouTube Started Creator Academy a knowledge base for YouTube channel owners.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your channel to the next level. This Creator Academy can help you to make great videos. Will help you to grow your channel, earn revenue and get closer to your community around. Creator Academy will allow your free online courses and lessons.

Added options in available in Academy

Grow your channel with guided lessons and courses picked just for you.
Join a boot camp and deep dive into a topic with other creators.
Explore a library of original and curated content from YouTube’s education gurus.

YouTube for Artists

YouTube take a step ahead for worldwide artists. This will be the world’s biggest stage to perform live. This will allows you to promote your music and Videos. Get the most out of YouTube.
This is an Official Artist Channels will help artists engage with millions of fans around the world.
Whether you’re signed or independent, you can get rewarded for your work.

Organized content: The Official Artist Channel layout automatically organizes your discography into an album section and you’re Official Music Videos into a new playlist. For a consistent fan experience across YouTube, you can’t edit these playlists. However, you can place one section above your locked video and album sections to promote anything you like on your Official Artist Channel.

Discoverability in search: When your fans search for you on YouTube, they’ll be linked directly to your Official Artist Channel from your watch card on the right side of the screen.

Promotional content: Choose what you want to highlight in the dedicated promotional shelf and in the featured video slot.

Fan engagement: One verified and official channel where you can directly reach and engage with your fans on YouTube.

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