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Google Input tool – Indic

Google Indic app is a very useful app for everyone to write in his native language.

Google Indic app which will help you to type in English example RAM you will get Hindi word राम as a suggestion. You can now send messages to your friends and family who are not much familiar with the English language. Now you can get rid of your typical hinglish writing.

This will allow you to type messages, in your native languages. Using your Android phone will now support approx. 10 local languages. Few keyboards have been included on Google Indic app for India.

Google Indic Supportive Languages

– English keyboard

– Assamese keyboard (অসমীয়া)
Bengali keyboard (বাংলা)

– Gujarati keyboard (ગુજરાતી)

– Hindi keyboard (हिंदी)
– Kannada keyboard (ಕನ್ನಡ)
– Malayalam keyboard (മലയാളം)
– Marathi keyboard (मराठी)
– Odia keyboard (ଓଡ଼ିଆ)

Punjabi keyboard (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)

– Tamil keyboard (தமிழ்)
– Telugu keyboard (తెలుగు)

If you are familiar with your native language above list for you. Select your native language as a keyboard in Google Indic Script.

Google Indic Keyboard supports different modes of input

Native keyboard mode – Type directly in the native script.

Handwriting mode (currently available for Hindi only) – Write directly on your phone screen.

Hinglish mode – If you choose “Hindi” as an input language. The English keyboard will give options for both English and Hinglish words selection.

How can I enable it and set it as the default keyboard?

How to Enable Google Indic in Android Mobile?

Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, go to Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards -> Check “Google Indic Keyboard” -> back to “Language & input” -> Current Keyboard -> Select “English & Indic Languages (Google Indic Keyboard)”

If you will type in the input box. You can change the default input method. Click the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and choose your language.

Google Indic installation Stepwise Screenshots

Go to google play store and select Google Indic to follow steps. 

From the above screenshots, the last screen gets visible. You can try to type a message in any app of your mobile. Select अ for the Hindi language. If you had selected any other language in place of अ maybe there would be your native version font. Now you have the option to select your choice of language English/Hindi or any other languages.

Google input tool for desktop not working

Google has removed its Indic simple type tool for windows desktop using this you can do type in your native language. A few years back we checked google launch this nice app for android and windows also. But now Google has removed windows version.

After searching and google we found to meet the requirement of native language users around. Microsoft launched its own Download Microsoft Indic language tools. As I do download this Microsoft Indic tool it is working similar to google Indic. Even you don’t need to download the plugin for browsers separately to type native words.


Google is continuously working to make life easy of their customer based. This would be a milestone for native language lover. Sometimes you’re old aged and rural friends only know his / her native language this will help them to connect with ease. Thanks to google team taking this initiative. 

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Download Ind Click here to Download Google Indic from play store.

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