World’s smallest mobile phone – Zanco tiny t1

World’s Smallest mobile – Zanco Tiny T1 an Intro

Tiny T1 now become the world’s smallest mobile, even it would not be the best small-screen smartphone. But although its market demand for unique gadgets, Here Tiny T1 has all the descriptions detail:

Zanco tiny t1

Price :  $40
Display :  0.49-inch OLED
Screen :  LCD Screen
Resolution : 64×32 pixels
Colour :  Black
Built-in  Voice Changer
Usb :  Micro USB charger
Connectivity :  Bluetooth
Language :  Multi-language support
Battery:  200 mAH
Sim Slot :  Nano
Memory :  Flash -32RAM +32ROM
Phone Book support :  300 Contacts
Sms Storage :  30 only

Zanco tiny t1 by Zini mobiles Ltd worldwide renowned company developed its smallest and world 1st smallest feature phone

Zanco tiny t1 size is just as small as a Duracell battery. So how we will use it don’t know but for name fame, Zini mobile engineer and designer spend the time to develop this smallest gadget in the Mobile segment. As per sources people around the world interested to buy this which is reached a good volume of sell.

So the message for life is don’t assume always decent, smart and comfortable products in the world. Smallest also can be a big achiever.

Image & description source : Zini mobiles official website

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