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About the company

Remo Technology is a camera manufacturing and design company. It is dedicated to pushing boundaries of the camera industry. With new ideas and technologies like AI. Remo Tech owns the brand “OBSBOT”, and its first flagship device gets launch in January 2019. A new start-up start journey in 2016. Which headquarter at Qianhai, Shenzhen, and a research centre in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The young enthusiastic Remo is exciting for the possibility. Their dreams of revolutionizing the camera technologies. They are working for innovative products powered by cutting-edge technologies.

Founder of Remo Tech – OBSBOT

Bo Liu is CEO and co-founder of the company. In past, he was the product manager of the Company.

He is born with technology. He starts camera technology which is an essential part. Even it is the most useful communication medium for every household. In the way of growing popularity of Visual media via videos. A camera is a major self-expressing product and socializing medium in our daily lives. Before joining Remo he was a core team member of National Science centre. He led product design and basic technology research. He graduated from Zhejiang University with an MS in Electrical Engineering.

Achievements of the company

  • 2016 Product Definition/Tech Solution Design/Set-Up Team.
  • 2016 Seed Investment by Clear Bay Foundation led by Professor Ping K. KO and Zexiang Lee.
  • 2017 Angel Investment by Artosyn, Tsing Ventures, etc.
  • 2018 Pre-A Investment by Brizan Ventures, Smartens, etc.
  • 2019 First Flagship Device is being developed and launched.

The Most Innovative Things Happening with Camera for Youtuber

OBSBOT Tail will be 1st world’s Auto-Director AI video camera. It’s designed to give video creators a range of exciting features and abilities. It will be a full equips class of hardware, a unique and powerful app inbuilt. It would be the power pack of the advanced cameras technology. OBSBOT Tail is self-driven AI-based advanced patented algorithms. Here you have the option to track, record and capture movement in up to 4K/60fps videos quality mode. If you’re in a complex environment like in a crowded place or in a jungle it will work. Now you perform like an actor, director and cameraman, all at the same time! go out for videography alone no need cameraman.

Video creation is not an easy task. OBSBOT TAIL will make it an easy task.
No needs of Camera Man now

Gadget features overview :

Price Between $460 to $475 Approx.
Dimension 17cm Machine height, Weight 610gms & Interface UNC 1/4-20
Battery Life 1850mAh, 180 min,
Processor Chipset HiSilicon Hi3559A chip
Camera Technology SONY CMOS 1 / 2.3” with 12MP and 3.5x Zoom
Movable 360degree
Studio App Powerful post editing features.

Top features of OBSBOT Tail:

  • Tap Lock
  • Power Gesture
  • AI Tracking
  • Pin-Pointing
  • Zoom to Fix
  • Eureka Moments
  • LaunchPad

1. Tap Lock

Using mobile and other types of video camera it was not an easy task to perform portrait mode selection. The tap lock feature of OBSBOT Tail makes easy; With an intelligent portrait selection mode.

“Time is money” Remo tech invents this smart solution. This may save time. ˹ Tap Lock ˼ technology integrated into OBSBOT Tail allows you to quickly lock or switch the shooting target with a simple click. More shooting modes include:

1. Rapid Mode: Choose the most obvious target in the camera vision auto. 2. Group Mode: Automatically recognize all targets within camera vision and adjust the best composition.

2. Power Gesture

OBSBOT Tail integrates high-precision gesture control system. Patented gesture recognition technology enables stable and accurate gesture control. It will cover up to 6m (Wide) to 20m (Tele) distances.

The gesture control works in complex environments also. And it will work different shooting angles, various background, and complicated light conditions. No need to press buttons or interrupt your flow of video making!

Start /Stop: Tells Tail to start or stop shooting – It will read your motion and gestures

Select Target / Cancel Target: Tells Tail to lock you or unlock you. Using gestures feature you can set rules as per your instructions.
Custom Gesture: These three gestures option can be assigned with specific instructions.
The user has the option to set one gesture can which can be assigned with 1 instruction. or up to 3 combined instruction string.

3. AI Tracking

OBSBOT Tail ensures stable and smooth tracking with advanced AI(Artificial Intelligence). That allows for shooting up to 40 meters. The smart AI technology will identify low light environments, noisy streets, twisted postures, tricky angles and colourful background. Now kick your bike and make your awesome videos anywhere any time.

Brand new ˹ Shar-lock ˼ technology helps to regain lost targets quickly even under difficult shooting condition.

4. Pin-Pointing

Enjoy growing powerful AI technologies. OBSBOT Tail has the advanced creative ability to present your excitement and beauty in real time. Whether you are graceful dancing or passionate acting. You can also choose a composition within the app, so you always get the video you want.

1. Like a professional photographer, OBSBOT Tail automatically adjusts its composition. It will make every photo and video perfect. As one of the most significant technologies of OBSBOT Tail, Pin-pointing its usage. It will simulate the shooting capability of

2. Unlike traditional “Box-Centre” control method, Pin-pointing technology automatically. It will adapt to your distance changes, posture variations, as well as camera movements. Also providing the best video composition all the time. It is comparable to photographers but far more stable and reliable than humans.

5. Zoom to Fix

No matter how far away your target is from your camera. OBSBOT Tail keeps your film smooth and stable, with the target kept at the same frame to him/herself.

6. Eureka Moments

OBSBOT Tail can save your fun and wonderful moments live. Based on your expressions and body movements. Photos and videos on your mobile phone during video shooting.
OBSBOT Tail’s integrated video analytic technology will analyse the video recording in real-time. Also will recommend the highlight clips for you afterwards. Wow, effects will be categories for you.

7. LaunchPad

What is the best app for making a video? OBSBOT Tail is the world’s first video camera with a ‘LaunchPad’ where is available App features. Tap in the app or activate with a gesture. even more, features can be managed/ used through launchpad.

Overview lookout

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Conclusion :

The camera is the best way to express or capture your valuable movements to remember for life long. The quality of a camera helps you to shoot the videos as per your expectations.

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