Windows Sleep and hibernate mode Wi-Fi not connecting again

As we see many times, we get windows with different security patch updates. After allowing updates many problems get occurred. Like Wi-Fi not connecting while windows go to sleep and hibernate mode. As one of our clients shared us this unidentified error.  Also, many times the network gets dropped.

As we explore the internet and different blogs get the following solutions and we tried.

Hardware and device troubleshoot

This is one of the best helping tools of windows will help you out if there are any Hardware related issues is there. We suggested you check the devices and drivers which you had recently installed in your windows pc.

Steps to run Windows hardware and device troubleshoot feature:

  1. Press Windows + X and select control panel or Windows + R and type Control panel in command box.
  2. Type and search Troubleshooting from the right corner search bar of the Control panel screen.
  3. Click on network adopter dialogue box and run as administrator
Troubleshoot Computer problems

Now click on Next and follow instruction and complete the Network adapter troubleshooter.

If you still facing the network issue here, we are sharing you another option to fix.

Windows Updates

As we said above the windows update gives you problem sometimes. Medicine does help you get well soon but sometimes that could because of side effects. Due to wrong prescriptions and doses are taken by you. Similarly, if you are facing problem after windows updates. We suggest you do reupdate your windows. It would work. May be previous windows do not get complete.

How to update Windows?

  1. Open the start menu and type windows update or just free windows key and type windows updates. There will option get appeared like Windows update settings, check updates etc.
  2. After selecting check updates just download latest windows updates if there is any pending available.  

Sometimes a small problem may give you pain like a big one. So, here is the next option you need to check out. We as a service provider face network related issues many times in a different way. These methods work for us. That is why sharing you as many options we have available with us.

Update Network Drivers

While you do windows updates along with security patches you may get the drivers updates. Sometimes new driver updates may give you problem for connectivity. We suggest you uninstall the Network drivers and reinstall fresh one.  Suggested you download from the manufacturer websites. To know the network adopter model check from Device manager. i.e. Netgear, D-Link or Realtek as follows:

Check Network Driver model

How to disable Sleep mode Wi-Fi Disconnection feature?

  1. Go Network and sharing centre
Network Change adapter Settings

2. Right-click on Network adopter which is not working (Wired / Wireless Network Connection) select Properties.

3. Click on the Configure button –> Choose the Power Management tab–>

Change Power management of a Network adapter

4. Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
5. Restart your device and check if the issue persists.

Conclusion recap:

  • Troubleshoot hardware issue if any persist.
  • Update the latest pack Windows update. Check for regular updates.
  • Uninstalled the wireless driver and reinstall automatically or Install the wireless driver from EOM manufacturer

Let us know if still your problem not get resolved. Mail us support (at)

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