Password Policy settings are greyed out for the local administrator in Windows Server

Windows Server Password settings

Windows server is more difficult to manage if you don’t have enough knowledge. As compared to other windows Operating Systems it would be hard to manage.
We face recently an issue to change in the complexity of the password. We were looking to make simple for the user to get his/her system login.
By default, windows server comes with complex password enabled. Means you need to include Alfa-Numeric, upper-lower and special character characters in the password.
We would recommend you to follow a difficult password it will protect your system. But such hard password not easy to remember. Thus we decided to breach the barriers.

The process to change Password Policy

When we tried to change a password from complexity to normal. That option was showing Grayed. We dig the issue found the following process to resolve this issue. 

Step to Change Password Policy of Windows Server

Go to RUN type gpmc.msc (Security policy management) press enter

Next, Go to <Group Policy Objects> and select <Default Domain Policy>

Delegation —> Add Administrators account who will get default update/delete permission.

Screenshot available at bottom of the article

Go back and right click on Default domain policy option– click the edit button

Go to Computer configurations –> Policies — > Windows Settings -> Security settings – > account policies – > password policy -(click enable/disable). It will work now for administrators account which you had already added/delegated permissions.

Update the Policy in Windows Server

In windows server, if you make any server level change you just need to run gpupdate/force command. This command will quickly update the impact of changes. 

So finally, go to run type  gpupdate /force

In Windows Server 2012

Follow Steps which we had already tested in Windows Server 2012 R2

Step 1

Go through gpmc.msc (Security policy management)

Select Your domain –> Right click –> Click on Edit

You will get Group Policy Management Editor Screen.

Step 2

Group Policy Management Editor

Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy

Screen shot taken from Windows Server 2016


Windows server is more secured and advanced. It is not a simple client users operating systems. Ensure that you have basic knowledge of Windows Servers.

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