Windows 10 stuck black screen cursor after login

This issue last week I face with my HP laptop. Showing me first login screen when I enter the password screen goes black with the curser as an arrow. As the result Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login get appeared.

Windows Stuck as Black screen with cursor after login

If anyone out there has faced the same type of issue, you can try the following tricks to resolve the issue.

Blank screen with cursor

At any time, you get stuck with ‘Windows 10 blank screen with cursor after login’ error follow below step-by-step instructions.

Options to get rid off

Step 1: As you see the blank screen, Press keyboard buttons Ctrl+Alt+Del it will bring you the option for “Task Manager” along with other options


Other option to go Task manager option you can Press keys combination CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the Task Manager directly

Step 2: Click on Task manager ‘File ‘–>New Task (run)

Task Manager Screen

and Step 3: Type at Run services.msc after clicking OK button, it will open windows services.

Step 4: Under the services windows, look for the service name as AppReadiness and double click on it ‘AppReadiness”.

Step 5: It will open ‘AppReadiness’ properties. Click on startup type and select ‘Disabled”, Click Apply and click ok.


Now the final step is to restart/Shutdown once the PC.  How can it be possible because there is no option showing also for Shutdown/restart pc?

Commands to restart & Shutdown PC with the Same RUN command prompt

Step 6: Click on Task Manager ‘File’ –> New Task (run) again to open the RUN command prompt

Next Step 7: type at Run CMD à It will open command prompt you can type as follows:

Step 8: In the command prompt type ‘shutdown /s /f’, this will shut down your pc.

For force Shutdown pc

Restart command for Windows pc.

shutdown /r

Many other windows useful commands work through command prompts work much easily and quickly.

Switch on your pc the system should be able to login without any issues. After that you can re-enable to AppReadiness services. In my case it works fine.   As per above instruction given subjected bug get fixed and could be a workaround solution only.

What is AppReadiness App service in Windows PC

This service help to loan the windows apps get ready for use. First time a user signs into this PC and when adding new apps.

App Readiness is a Win32 service. In Windows 10 it is starting only if the user, an application or another service starts it. When the App Readiness service is started, it is running as Local System in a shared process of svchost.exe along with other services

What are other benefits of Stopping AppReadiness App Service

If your system facing issue of startup on you can stop App Readiness (Run>msconfig>Services>uncheck “App Readiness” box).  After stopping the service your pc will start little quickly. As our one of user try this trick. The benefit of the faster startup time.

Note: if the above tricks do not work for you, just follow reset repair windows options.

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