Which apps help us to Enhance Knowledge?

We all are running against time – there is so much knowledge that needs to be gained within a short frame of 24 hours in a day. In most of the areas, we have different types of mobiles apps available. Mobile is life and life is the mobile.

Mind and knowledge

Millions of apps are available in the play store to make our life distractive. On other hand, many apps still exist in the play store which will help us to enhance our knowledge.

How Mobile Apps helps us to enhance Wisdom?

App stores / playstore we have thousands of useful apps i.e., for improving memory, increasing brainpower, helping us to set mental stability. With the help of motivational talks and activities, let us expand our knowledge and thinking ability. Apps for entertainment and playing games is available.

When did you last search The apps for Knowledge?

TOP Best apps for Knowledge

Our team dig and picked the 5 bests of the best knowledge apps for readers. Get ready you are going to shape your brain to enhance the knowledge.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

TED talks are influential speeches by prominent expert speakers picked from across the world. The TED talk has around 3,000 plus videos across all fields including tech, psychology, progressive arts, motivational, and lots more. with subtitles with most of the languages of your choice. Ted is the best knowledge app for everyone.

So, there is no reason to avoid TED talk videos to watch! isn’t it?

Ted log with tag line

Apart from Ted tell you can also listen to some acutely admired shows like Genuinely X podcast and TED Radio Hour

TED programes

We will say TED allows users to create bookmarks, playlists, sync videos across devices, and download for offline playback just like YouTube. But here are subject-specific videos available most will motivate you. Not will distract. People will share their talk about who are real heroes in their field.

We recommended if you really want to enhance your skills and knowledge let’s get engaged with TED. Bookmark of download TED app on your mobile device.

Curiosity Enhance your knowledge with Curiosity

The global entertainment brand for people who want to know more and want to enhance their wisdom. Curiosity is the ‘kida of the mind to’ to know more about. Curiosity is the best knowledge app with games features.

Curiosity app

So here is a question that comes to mind Are you curious about learning beyond the limit? The Curiosity app is here to satisfy your curiosity with a diverse range of topics that are tailored to deliver thought-provoking ideas.

Leave the TikTok,whatsapp chat and reals here is time to make your own movie. Which the world would like to watch you live. Like a legend to knowledge. Time to grow up instead be like a child.

The Sky has no limit! leave the earth fly in the Sky!

This resourceful app is stuffed have thousands of articles and millions of videos and allows the user to choose topics of their personal interest.

Users can also gain access to quick reads with infographics-crafted things.

Top features of Curiosity apps for knowledge

  1. Curiosity Stream – Stream thousands of films, series, and shows. On-demand, on any device, all around the world.
  2. Curiosity Channel – Television channel featuring a scheduled line-up of Curiosity programming.
  3. Studio – Producing Curiosity Originals exploring science, nature, history, tech, travel, crime, adventure, and more.
  4. One Day University – The best professors’ most insightful and entertaining lectures. Available live, on-demand, and in-person.

Duolingo, learn languages for free

If you want to make your presence globally you must have local native language knowledge.  Duolingo is a fun and nicely crafted app that lets users learn languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and lots more.

Users can learn using “trees” tailored to their language, with specific “skills” to practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation using spaced repetition, etc.

Duolingo app
Duolingo app supports languages

Still, there are many contents available in different languages so to explore these books or articles you must learn that language. Duolingo app will help you in a smarter way of language learning.

The play way of learning improving grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary makes easy. This would be fun with learning of multiple-choice challenges, streak counts, and hearts, learning becomes more fun, and users can also track their progress on go.

Why you will love to learn Duolingo to Enhance knowledge

  1. An effective and efficient way of learning possible with this app
  2. Personalized learning AI-enabled features will go as per your brain speed.
  3. Have fun learning any language of your choice you will not get bored.
  4. Stay motivated – App will help to stay connected with a good habit

Blinkist App- More knowledge in less time

If you are curious to learn something but don’t have time to read every word of the book. Here are audiobooks for you a germen based mobile app now not only allows you to read books you have the option to listen to audiobooks it’s time to podcasts. Just use your ear and brain to gain the knowledge.

No needs to study by reading line by line and make your eyes tired.

Blinkist more knowledge

Blinkist is one of the most critically acclaimed apps that have thousands of non-fiction books in the worlds of digital books as well podcast versions.

This smart app helps you and motivates you to learn more as per your preferences. Blinkist is designed to grow your knowledge, make you motivated.

The app is targeted at those who can’t read the full versions of these best-sellers, because of time constraints. You can listen/read the shorter versions of the books in under 15 minutes.

What acclaimed by Blinkist

  • Acclaimed by Blinkist 95% of its members read significantly more than before
  • Blinkist help 91% of people to set up better habits in the life
  • 87% got positive changes drastically.

How can you make your work-life balance within 10 minutes?  Visit Blinkist that can be possible!

Lumosity – The brain training app help us to improve knowledge

Discover what your mind can do? is the tag line of the Lumosity app

Lumosity is an online mobile app available for apple as well android. Containing games claiming to improve memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem-solving skills. So here is more change to earn the knowledge.

Lumosity App for brain training

Lumosity is a mesmerizing app with many brains training puzzles.

It contains more have around 100 cognitive games created by subject expert scientists and game designers to enhance your mental abilities.

On go, we are seeing that everyone we are facing challenges with the short of memorizing skills. This app will help you on go teach your brain for this competitive world.

Users can also compare their ability with others in the same age bracket by taking a free 10-minute Fit Test. The brain is very small in size but has limitless possibilities of wisdom power

Lumosity helps us to Enhance our knowledge

  1. Train our skills that matter to everyone – memory, processing, problem-solving targets
  2. Scientific objectivity made fun for you – task-based brain exercise
  3. Daily exercise helps our body as well as our brain – let’s work with a fresh set of games
  4. Brain learning designed as per your activity and calibre.

Science and psychology going to help increase our brain to learn more things. What are you waiting for?


Join us to stay connected with the useful article which will help our readers to grow the community. An article always takes time to write. In this article, you will be able to shape your brain in a better way to meet the market expectations. Today mobile is our life to shape life in a better way. You must ensure that apps on your mobile should be productive instead of addictive. Hope you like will like these all Best of best mobile apps for Knowledge and personality development.

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