What is the use of Functions keys (F1 – F12)?

Functions Keys in Windows

Your life becomes easier using function keys. We are exploring Function-key known as F-key uses on MS Windows and MS-DOS. Function keys start from F1 to F12 all these keys have different functions. Along with Alt and Ctrl key, they perform additional functions. These keys have similar functions on Mac and Linux, we are exploring here about MS Windows only.

On Laptops, these functions work for many more features. Example FN+F5 enable/disable Wi-Fi and other functions.  This is not fixed for all the Laptops it may differ from brand to brand and model.

Functions keys redefined

F1: This key works on laptop and desktop as help to get for Operating System and features. F1 functions help for Microsoft applications MS office same for help features.

F2: Works in Windows to rename or change file and folder name. Select a folder press F2 and rename folder.

System boots you will be able to go bios mode screen by pressing F2.


On MS office F2 function will work differently. The example in excel, pressing F2 you will be able to change text written on a CELL.

F3: This function of key work to search option enable. Open my computer and pressed F3 it will automatically open search features on the top bar.

F4: No need to look for shutdown and restart features press Alt+F4. This will open a shutdown screen. This key is works to close a running application in action.

F5: This functions key is used to refresh open application and desktop processes. Internet browser most of the time our page load takes time. We can use F5 function to reload the pages.

Use Ctrl+F5 function to refresh complete web page. IT will clear the cache of the browser.

Application developers use the F5 key in different ways. Like in MS Word F5 open Find / Replace Box. There will be an option GO TO dialogue box.

In PowerPoint using F5, you will be able to run a slideshow.

F6: This will work for a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox). It will bring your cursor to address bar.

F7: This function is used in MS Word and Excel to check the spellings. You will find many suggestions to make changes to your words.

F8: Is used to go boot screen for selection correct/right boot options (how to boot PC using CD, Hard disk or LAN).

F9: This function uses to send and receive emails on OUTLOOK and refresh MS Word active/open file.

F10: Using F10 your MS Office enabled the menu for shortcut selection features. Shift+F10 will work like right click on any ICON of the desktop.

F11: Will open internet on Full-Screen mode. Adobe PDF file can be open as full-screen mode. F11 on Excel will open the Chart option.

F12: This function will open Save As box in MS office. On internet browser, you will get code screen for a developer to gets Tools interface.

Functions key uses on DOS

F1: Works to paste the last executed command characters.

MS Dos

F2: Pastes the last executed command up to the entered character.

F3: Pastes the last executed command full text.

F6: Paste CTRL+Z to the prompt.

F7: Will displays all the previously executed command.

F8: Paste recently executed commands.


Functions keys have already a predefined task to perform. No needs to check features here and there just press any function key. Get the results as defined for a particular function key. Hope this article will increase your skills. Share with your friends and comments us for feedback.

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