Use of Office Equation in Microsoft Word

In this article, we are going to help the users who are Math’s content writers or bloggers. How to use math’s’ Equations in Microsoft Office word without downloading any third-party math editing of equation software i.e., Mathtype, scratch or latex.

The Microsoft Office has equations that you can use in MS Word Excel and in PowerPoint. It is readily available for all Microsoft office users.

We can directly copy paste Office Equation works within Adobe InDesign and coral draw.

Maths Equation
Office Equation tools

Placing equations in Microsoft Word documents. The following steps help us to place any equation in MS word.

Steps to Add Office Equations in Microsoft Word

  1. Start Microsoft Word go to Insert TAB select the area or location where you want to insert an equation in your documents.
  2. Once the Equation Editor is selected, On the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the arrow next to Equation, and then click Insert New Equation.
Open Equation in word

Once you click the Equation option automatically one Complete range of Equation tool bar get appeared as follows:

Sections of Equation in word

Now you can place an edit box at the insertion point in the document.

The equation menu may get disappear once you twice click anywhere in the open documents. So, you must go with the first step again to insert edit equations accordingly.

Note: we are testing the features in Microsoft Word Office 365. It may slightly differ from an older version of MS Word.

More Simple steps to use Equation

  1. Go to Choose Insert > click Equation and choose the equation you want from the gallery box.
  2. After insertion of the equation, the Equation Tools Design menu opens many other categories, i.e. Tools, Conversion, Symbols, Structures etc. Now the ball over to you.

Features of Microsoft Equation

You can use Latex braces, Convert the equations, and lots more features added in recent version of Office Equation

LaTex in Equation

More features under Structures section of Office Equation are Add fractions, Script, Radical, Integral, Large operator, brackets, Functions and Accent, Limit and long, operator and Matrix.

Equation Structures section

Apart from the above, you have the freedom to use Basic Math symbols in the Office Equation. Microsoft word have a huge list of Symbols i.e.

Equation Symbol

Write an equation or formula handwritten in MS word

You don’t know how to use Equation? By using touch or pen you can write handwritten equations. These features work using a stylus or your finger. To write equations with ink.

Steps to use Ink Equation

Click Equation drop arrow icon à Go the bottom of the Built-in box. As shows in following screen.

Ink Equation

Click the highlight Ink Equation link following screen will open. Type the using Pen or finger or mouse. I am using Mouse.

  1. Choose the Writer for writing equations.
Handwritten Equation

1.Choose the Writer for writing equations.

2.Written using simple mouse

3.Written using simple mouse

At the end you must Just click Insert as result we get output as follows:

What’s new in Math Science equations for MS word

As I see in the last version Microsoft word Latex math equation syntax was missing. But in the current version, this is available.  For more detail and uses go through with Video Link.


Some of the users may be not familiar with this topic. But if you are math or science book Writer and Blogger you must be aware about this tiny tool of Microsoft Office tool. This is going the very help full.

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