Understanding the work of a Pivot Table in Ms Excel

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Intro – Pivot Table

A pivot table is an awesome tool for Microsoft Excel. This tool help uses to summarize huge or bulky data. For Example, we have detailed tabular data as follows. In the following table Buyer Mom and Kelly’s have multiple transactions. If we go for all buyers and for months of records it will be very difficult for us to understand data.

Pivot Table Data
Pivot Table Data

How to use Pivot Table in day to day work

As we see the previous para a tabular detailed data records available.
Q: Share how much sales we do from 1st of Jan to 25th of Feb? Share me summarized data only.

Answer: In this case summarize Pivot Table can be used to manage records. Now you and your manager will be able to understand data more clearly. Management always will ask you summarize data most of the time.

So the following data is better to understand business requirement and flow.

Summarized Data using Pivot Table

Pivot Tables are not as hard as you think. After you walk through these simple steps, you’ll know how to quickly create one.

Type of Pivot Table Data report

Now you have the freedom to create a different type of Pivot tables. Earlier we shared Summarized Buyer wise sales data.

Now in the following, you can share data Product-wise Buyer wise and Bar and Chart analysis report

Product-Wise Buyer wise Sales Data
i.e Product-Wise Buyer wise Sales Data
In this report, anybody can understand which product sold and who the buyer is and how much they buy. And finally a total of all the Product and Buyer.

Pivot Table can be used for Bar Chart as follows:

Pivot Table for Bar Chart
The bar chart will also help you to understand the colour-coded bar which shows a clear picture of growth history.

How to create a Pivot Table:


  • Open your details data records file
  • Go to Insert à Pivot Table
  • It will automatically select data range you have the freedom to select area for Pivot.
  • Choose where you want to place the Pivot Table result.
  • New worksheet or Existing Worksheet

Now you go through the following process and place the fields Row & Columns.

When you create a PivotTable, you’ll see the PivotTable Fields List as follows. The first line of your detailed report data is treated as a field.  Now you have the freedom to drag and drop the particular field in Filter, Columns, Rows and Summarized Values area.

Pivot Table actual screen

You can change the Pivot table look and view any time Column to Row and vice versa.

Tutorial Video for Pivot Table

Just created a Pivot table in this video

Just created a Pivot table in this Youtube video tutorial. Shortly our team will shoot create video tutorial to understand the new generation.


Our experiences say if you are in computer filed without excel you can’t survive. So learn Excel which will help you to be excel in your business. Excel is being used by Office Junior executive to Top CEO. In this article, we tried to explain the Pivot table and its requirement in business.

For any query for technical point of view just drop your query at [email protected]

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