Trace your Stolen / lost Mobile Phone

Us based organization CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association). CTIA launch a website to check your stolen mobile phone easily in the US.

With GSMA device check portal you will be able to quickly search mobile device. Which has been reported as lost/stolen? This will trace your device based on the world’s most MEID allotment agencies database.

This service is limited to 5 free queries per day by U.S. consumers only.

How Stolen phone checker helpfull?

Consumer / Customer:

trace stolen lost mobilephone

These days many second-hand mobiles selling online through OLX and Craigslist. To the authenticity of a device is Stolen/Theft it will helpful. If someone unintentionally buys a reported lost or stolen device. And the rightful owner of the device may have already requested the device to be blocked. Some time one you get connected a wireless networks the stolen device may be traced. The rightful owner may have also activated a device protection feature. That prevents the use of the device, rendering the device inoperable. This website last year launched to help customers, Commercials, and Low enforcement. To check the device history.

For Commercial users:

This portal helps protect commercial user and businesses. Like a device resellers or retailers, insurers, repair centres and recyclers. And other companies in the wireless ecosystem. This helps these commercial to create his permanent user id & password to bulk upload.

Law Enforcement / Police:

CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker

This is powered by the GSMA Device Check services. It helps law enforcement agencies discourage device theft, identify and check. The lost or stolen device status of a recovered device. This will identify the wireless carrier associated with a device reported in GSMA Black List.  Police or low enforcement team will be able to use official user id and password to a checklist of devices status.

On other countries, Low enforcement / Police have rights to check devices. This type easy to use echo system not available. They have provision to check different databases of Telecom vendors. End customer doesn’t have permission to get access. This facility is currently available for US only. The US provides end customers to check Mobile device status/history online.


This is a really good initiative by US authority. Global customers are looking for such a facility for everyone. This would help not only customers will help to related authorities like government and law. It will help end customers and business to Sell / Buy only authentic products and services.

The initiative may reduce mobile thefts happening around

Source : For more detail, you may go through or browse Stolen Phone Check Official website.

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