Top 7 Companies World wide Revenue

7 Stars company worldwide based on their Financial values, Brands and bonding with the customers.

Country Logo Company Business Model Annual Revenue Approx CEO Employees Approx Words by CEO
USA WalMart Stores Retail and chain hypermarkets worldwide $485.8 bn Doug McMillon 23,00,000 “Save money and Live better”
China   State Grid China State own Electricity grid $315.1 bn Shu Yinbiao 9,26,067
China   Sinopec China State-owned petroleum energy and chemicals $267.5 bn Wang Yupu 7,13,288
China Petroleum Worlds largest Chinese oil and gas corp. $262.6 bn Wang Yilin 15,12,048
Japan   Toyota Motor World largest Automotive manufacturer company $254.7 bn Akio Toyoda 3,64,445 “When consumers purchase a Toyota, they are not simply purchasing a car, truck or van. They are placing their trust in our company”
Germany Volkswagen Automotive manufacturer company $240.2 bn Matthias Müller 6,26,715 “If our plan succeeds, our company has a very good future. It means Volkswagen will still be one of the world’s largest car manufacturers in 2025 too”
Netherlands   Royal Dutch Shell Multinational Oil and Gas Company $240.0 bn Ben van Beurden 89,000 “You Cannot expect us to act against our economics interest”

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