TikTok is an opportunity or a threat for youth

What is TikTok?

TikTok was earlier popular by the name of musical.ly this word was not much familiar and easy. Thereafter rebranded with the name of TikTok. The tag line of the TikTok is Real Short Videos. You have an option to create your own short video publically. In any video, you have the option to customize video along with add-on of choice of music. Earlier this app core thinking was to make it popular for education and learning purposes. But share knowledge within 15 seconds not possible.


How TikTok become huge popular

TikTok allows you to shot a video with the restriction of 15 Seconds. As many types of research say human consistency level decreasing day today. We can see of like more an audio/video for just 8 seconds. As we see Facebook and WhatsApp we get long videos and infographics. Which is coming with long duration? As we see and observe even we are not want to see a few second advertisements in YouTube videos. TikTok now likes a twenty-twenty format of communication. In short post your maximum or attractive videos information.

How can you be popular in TikTok?

Setup your account it is simple as you creating for Instagram and Facebook. Record your video to put music which suites your videos. There are thousands of songs available. You can change the video effects face and hair colours of your choices. There is a duet button to records videos and sing a song to be your own director. Now a unique video which touches the heart of millions may give you popularity quickly. So what are you waiting for a shot your first video and feel like a celebrity and jump in the ocean spectators awaiting for your moves?

Create your videos everything from beauty mode and many filters to make your videos funny and catchy.

How TikTok spoiling life of youngsters and kids

TikTok has a huge opportunity to be popular. But all the times there is two sides of the same coin. Popularity can be negative or positive. Even huge numbers of users posting valuable videos which not impacting society. But there is also numbers of the user posting vulgar and sexual videos to get faster popularity. Due to the huge population of people around the worlds like to see and watch such videos. As per research most of the user base of TikTok is young between 10 to 19 years. This age group is spending lots of time using TikTok instead of valuation things for their lives.  Due course recently many countries banned TikTok for time being and instruct TikTok management to remove vulgar and sexual contents.


Thanks to TikTok team they have taken already initiative what and how to use TikTok.

Visit this link to know the terms and policies of TikTok.

Popular tools of TikTok

Make a Duet – Create videos with your friends
Face Filter – Search or choose the face of your choice
Turn on Flashlight – On flashlight during video recording.
Effects – There are many types of effects available in TikTok to use for stunning videos contents creation
Add Colour Filter – Add colours in your videos to set colour effects.
Videos Cover – Set a Video cover to make it more attractive
Records videos without Pressing buttons – Just set the timer.
Public & Private – You can set your video view-able private or public.
And lots more options available.

TikTok Video Sample


Overuses of anything is harmful to everyone. Watch and create videos for entertainment of others and yours with taking care of social values. Negative popularity not only violating you like along with damaging the society and youth. We request the TikTok team to monetize the app and ban users and videos which may harm for any society.

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