Thunderbird not showing attachement

Thunderbird Attachment Problem

Sometimes email from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird attachment shows only winmail.dat file.  The original attachment will not appear/ unreadable on Thunderbird.

Thunderbird open sourced and developer developed an add-on plugin for this problem. This plugin name is LOOKOUT.

How to install plugin in Thunderbird ?

Open Thunderbird: Go to the Tools Menu and select “Add-ons”
If there is no menu bar, you could press Alt key to enable view of a menu bar. This will appear or can be right click on top bar and select menu option.

Open Add-ons Manager tab and go to the upper right corner search bar and type “lookout”.
LookOut reads and integrates TNEF encoded parts in emails.

Encoded emails

Click “Install” “Accept and Install”.
After installation of this plug-in Thunderbird will ask you restart.

After installation of this plug-in Thunderbird get restart.

Just Click “Restart now” or close and reopen Thunderbird

After the installation is complete and Thunderbird is restarted LookOut should automatically display attachments properly.

After installation of Lookout Plugin. File type will show in your attachment area as follows:

  1. Dat unusable
  2. trf if anything you had attached on your body of mail using outlook
  3. ics
  4. Rest files will be your attachments.

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