Things needs to check before buying a mobile

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Mobile performance check in AnTuTu

This is a Chinese software company which benchmarks mobile phones. This website checks performance and quality majors of the device. The mobile app available for Android, iOS, and Windows. This tool will check your current process and conditions of the mobile device. It will show you the live reports like Windows Task performance.

Most of the mobile manufacturer uses Antutu test. This is one of the best and reliable benchmarks checking tool

You can check your mobile device using this app go to play store / App store. Here we have taken few screens shot of Samsung J5 2016 mobile using AnTuTu app.

What AnTuTu check in you Mobile?

Device Verification:

You will get the detail about your mobile device specifications. Like Device model, CPU Core, GPU, Screen Resolution and other sensors. If you want to know the deep information about your device, you may use this tool.

My Device:

Option will give detail about Brand information, Storage, CPU,display, Camera and Battery. Connectivity related information detail.

Stress Test:

Stress test will check How much powerful is your device? What is running in your mobile? It will help you to check CPU performance at a core level. Checks battery Temperature and Voltage up down status.

Feature Test:

This is one of the most favourite features which you will like. This option you will be able to know about your device compatibility.

  • HTML5 – is a latest html format going to be use in all the websites. It will check is your device is able to view proper HTML5 enabled web pages or not.
  • LCD Test is your device screen LCD ( liquid crystal display) is in good conditions. This test checks screen is proper responsive or not.
  • Grayscale Test: It will test the visual effect of images by multi-level brightness and contrast test
  • Colour bar Test: Test lightness, hue and capacity of colors displayed in the screen of a smart phone.
  • Multi-Touch Test: Check the multi touch support conditions of a device. Same time how many touch points supported in you mobile.

Above process will shows you conditions of your mobile device. This will help you to change the device or use the same for more time. This tool is being used by many eCommerce websites. To analyse buy back value of a device.

Top rated mobiles of the Month

Every month AnTuTu Benchmark share/post-top-ranked mobiles list from worldwide. If you are planning to buying a mobile device. We suggest you visit AnTuTu. It will helps you to buy a decent mobile device.
We have posted a blog on our website. Example.

We have posted as blog in our website. Example.

Mobile month of Dec 2018
Top rated mobile month of Nov 2018
Top Rated mobile Month of October 2018

Now end customer can check their mobile AnTuTu app.
download app in your mobile get the benchmark reports.

Thanks to AnTuTu for this useful mobile apps help us to know mobile status.

Similar to AnTuTu there are many website/apps available for Mobile analysis. We will share you in separate blog. Example are Quadrant Standard Edition, Linpack, CPU Benchmark etc.

Points to be remember for Buying a New mobile

  • Don’t Buy mobile in haste. Wait and watch
  • Don’t buy a mobile on Launch day.
  • Wait for Market review about the device.
  • Check AnTuTu benchmark of the mobile
  • Avoid to follow news and market promotions
  • Check reviews from different websites ensure that genuine reviews. Many companies do spread paid reviews sometimes.
  • Check review rating 3. No. 3 will show you correct review as per research.

Conclusion: Don’t flow with the marketing of a mobile. Take reviews from the market. Like you may check review from certified customers of an e-commerce websites. Like Amazon, Alibaba, Schwarz, Walmart and eBay.

We expect this will be helpful for your future gadgets buying.
Share to your friends and family. And comments us write to us.

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