The privacy and secure best example for web browser is Brave

Can you imagine a website browser gives you money for browsing in that!

Yes, you can get money for watching ads, will forget Microsoft Edge and Chrome-Firefox. This is the best for privacy in the brave browser. In this digital era, the data is the gold, that’s why all the websites and apps are trying to accumulate your personal and professional data for their uses. Even many websites do collect your data and sell it too anonymously.

The best example for web browser sharing earning back to the user. With the privacy and security.

Brave browser track, save time
What Brave Browser do?

Fast and Secure web browser best for privacy:

This is what the browser really means by its name brave, the win over unwanted advertisement popup. You can now peacefully browse anything on the web using the brave browser. It’s secure your personal data get the squeeze. Brave browsers have their own search engine where is no tracking involved.

The brave browser allows you to control and block options. Which website or cookies even you can block/allow Google and Facebook id. What you want is possible with Brave Browser.

By default, Online privacy: Brave vs. other browsers

Here we go sharing your pictographic chart to understand the gap of other browsers. which is the best browser for you now easy to identify.

Compare Browser

Get rewarded for browsing in Brave Browser

Imagine while you are searching your favorite topic on web, and the same time you are earning dollars.

How many hours you spend in Internet?

All you get rewarded with Brave browser. You can fund your wallet with a currency of your choice or earn tokens by viewing ads in your control. Advertisers will not be going to collect your personal data. Even you are watching their ads. Brave Ads are enabled by default in Brave Rewards, you can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) it is crypto designed by the Brave browser team

As per the Brave put you first, and that means you’re included in the deal. When you view Brave Ads, you receive 70% of the ad revenue. Brave encourages you to pass this on to your favorite web content creators.

Now Brave private web browser download is also available for Mobile

Brave is now available free and fast secure browser for mobiles. Complete with a built-in ad blocker that prevents tracking and provides security protection with optimized data and battery performance. This web browser download is available on both Android as well apple devices.

Brave private browser for Android
Brave browser for Android

The Brave Browser own BAT Cryptocurrency

As Cryptocurrency growing globally brave have already launched BAT (The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was created by the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox,). Soon, you will be able to use your BAT in partnership for many rewards websites including gift cards of e-commerce sites (Amazon, Uber, Apple, etc.), restaurant, hotel discounts, etc. In addition, users are now able to verify their browser wallet and withdraw earned BAT into their associated Uphold account to use as they see fit. We also encourage users to use the tokens earned to support their favorite online content creators.

How to combine different Device Brave browser BAT token earning in one place?

As per the Brave team BAT can’t get transferred to your exchange direct currently. You must have to create a wallet account first with a wallet through Uphold (Gemini if you’re a Creator, regular users must wait till Gemini is implemented).


We will will say Brave is a real example of web for web browser. As the security is a major concern for everyone in today’s digital era. We all are relates to gadgets in our day and night life. All personal and banking is also digitalized. So why we are not conscious about our privacy?

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