Telegram Group vs Channel uses

Here we go to share a comparison between Telegram channels vs Telegram groups. Telegram Group allows all the participants to send messages in a group. The participation of all the members is allowed within in a group. Telegram channel in one way communication only. Where admin can send the post/message all the members can receive and read.

Telegram has huge communities connected with the groups as well Channels.

Moreover, In this article we are going to explain the major differences of Telegram group vs Channel. You can find in google many Telegram group links.

Telegram Groups vs Channel

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the top most popular instant messaging apps. This is straight competitor of Meta owned WhatsApp. In Other words Telegram got popularity due to global connections. For instance WhatsApp you have to add contact in your list. Then you can add them in group or in broadcast channel. In other hand telegram no needs to add or keep all the members in contact list.

Other way telegram you can search anything. You are looking for Group/Channel for education, entertainment, technology, jobs and motivation. You have to search text in the search bar. Example search text Techwise result shows matching global list of Groups and channel.

Search Global Telegram group and channel
Search Global Telegram group and channel

Important Telegram Stats

  • Telegram has 550 million monthly active users. Increase of 175% since 2018.
  • It was the 7th most downloaded app in Android & iOS in August 2021.
  • Telegram has 55.2 million daily active users. 550 million monthly active users which increasing by 10% month on month bases
  • The average Telegram user spends approx. 3 hours on the app each month.

Which country based app is Telegram?

  • Telegram’s development team is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The issuer of the Telegram mobile app is Telegram FZ-LLC. An organization registered in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The legal address of Telegram’s parent company (Telegram Group Inc.) is located in the British Virgin Islands.
  • The legal representative for data protection legislation is the company Telegram UK Holdings Ltd. Based in the United Kingdom.
  • Source : Telegram

Telegram is popular in the Counties:

CountryRank based of Social Media apps
India, UK and USA2
Russia, Germany and  Brazil1

Top Telegram Channel in the World

As we can see the following stats to know the strength of Telegram user base and Channel.

Telegram ChannelSubscriberAvg Post Reach
Telegram Tips : @telegramTips7.6m4.2m
Telegram New : @telegram6.4m1.9m
Proxy MTproto :@proxyMTproto3.4m575.3k
Crypto Trading Bitcoin : @crypto_trading_Bitcoin3.2m421.9k

What are the major difference between Telegram Channels and Groups?

Sharing messages with friends and family or collaboration in small teamsChannels are a tool for broadcasting messages to large audiences
Groups have provision to add members 200000Unlimited numbers
Two way communicationOne way only admin can send broadcast message
Have option to public or private setting of the groupHave option to public or private setting of the group

How to convert a group to a channel in Telegram

As of now the Telegram group allows us to add 200 members in a group. After upgrade to super group you can add 2 lakh members in the group.

Some of the user who has already created Telegram group. Instead of Telegram channel, Asked us to shift from Group to channel.

As we googles and search different sources there is no provision to convert. A Telegram group into a channel. You’ll have to create a new channel and add the members manually or send them a link to join. Instead we can change the permissions of the group. So that only admin or selective members can communicate within the group.


In Telegram there are different platform types in Telegram: channels and groups/chats.
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