Technology and our excess engagement

The technology should be right for you

The technology becomes more and more important for us in terms of uses in day to day life.
Sometimes technology hacking our lives and distract us from the things that matter us.
The technology should improve life, not distract from it.
Thanks to google even though without technology google can’t survive they understand the misuses/ excess uses harming the life. Their fore decided to
As we observe that’s we are well connected with our family and friends via technology but not engaged personally.

Access use of Technology

Focus you use time with Technology:

Ensure that you are using your mobile with time-bound. Few of our family and friends do use mobiles and technology for 2-3 hours continuously. If anybody structuring them during these hours, they may do fight with them. So, such habits destroying our life. We suggest making a time frame when and for how much time you will use the technology in your life. If you today ignore your child or elders, make sure that you’re in future your child also getting the addict to technology.

Set time for Apps, YouTube, Tiktok and video app uses. Set a boundary for yourself you can only stop or control your habits.

Open YouTube app and go to toggle and customize your take a break reminder:

Tap your Account icon go to Settings.
And Tap General.
Tap Remind me to take a break.
Select your Reminder frequency

Adjust your Home screen of mobile:

Disable alerts and message on a popup and remove the notification dots from your apps. Also, remove distracting apps. Organize your home screen include apps in a group.

Categories you mail inbox generally google must predesign option for Social, Promotions and updates email categories. Schedule your task like mail draft now and send letter option.

Unplug or leave Technology often

Today we are always connected with the technology. Technology now becomes important like breathing. Disconnecting or leaving is can be hard. A little pause in the technology used helps you balance life with technology.

Wind Down your mobile at Night:

Wind Down reminds you to switch off at night by setting a bedtime schedule for your phone. Grayscale changes the screen to black and white, and Do Not Disturb silences notifications to help you get a good night’s sleep.
Creating space from work-related notifications can help you recharge while away from the office.
Set do not disturb option in a smartphone. Set autoreply whenever you are away from the office.
Use smart speaker instead of staring a mobile device all the time.
Device-free and time zone: Set a time or location for Free using Tech gadgets.

Minimize distractions set:


Manage your apps and notifications to reduce distractions. Pausing apps and customizing when and how you get notifications can help keep your attention on your tasks. Pause distracting apps and stay focused. With a single tap, focus mode pauses apps that you’ve selected to minimize distractions and better focus your time. Now available in Beta on eligible devices.
Use android ‘Do Not Disturb’ hide all notifications so you won’t see them on screen.

Google Assistant will help you more: Utilize the technology to minimize the constant uses of mobile. Google Assistant will perform all the task as your personal assistant.

Family link features

As your kids begin using their first Android device, the Family Link app helps you set certain digital ground rules for them.
Manage apps: Explore the apps is being used by your kids and for how many times
Set screen time limits: Set daily screen time limit for your kids android device.
Lock a device: Lock the device Whether it’s time to go play outside, have dinner, or just spend time.

YouTube for Kids


YouTube Kids makes it safer and simpler for kids to explore the world through online video, and easier for parents to guide them.

Top apps will help you get rid of mobile devices for a short while:

  • Unlock Clock: It will detect how many times you do unlock your smartphone.
  • Morph: Set the mode of uses means when you are in the office you can allow only business applications like mails and messages notifications. When you are at home allow social media notification and alerts.
  • We Flip: A group of people can get rid of their mobile devices together.
  • Post Box: It will help you avoid or ignore unwanted alerts. You can set the hours or minutes to set the notifications.

Our Thoughts:

Technology brings us together when we are living far away. But in way people nearer of us are going for now. Try to minimize or necessary use of technology. Technology makes our life easy to do work quickly. But saved time, we are again used to use technology instead of work-life balance.

This article will help you to use Technology efficiently and intelligently.

Source: Google

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