System Admin – IT worker’s Day Celebration – Last Friday of July

System Admin Day – IT worker’s Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day is a special day for IT workers. This day also known as Sysadmin Day. The day is dedicated to IT workers as an appreciation.

The celebration starts

System Admin appreciation day was celebrated first in July 28, 2000. The day was celebrated in Hewlett-Packard. A System administrator is presented with flowers and fruit-baskets. By grateful co-workers as thanks for installing new printers.
Event DayThe event exists to show appreciation for the work of sysadmins and other IT workers. You may celebrate this on the last Friday in July.

Up Coming System Admin Day

2019 dateJuly 26
2020 dateJuly 31
2021 dateJuly 30


System Administrator / IT workers are key members for your technical help. In terms of Computer, Network, printer and all IT Stuffs. So we must do appreciate their works and efforts. As a blogger and IT professional for the last 12 years, I feel this blog will address our contributions.

Source : Wikipedia

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