Speedup android phone

speedup android phone

How to Speedup Android Phone or Tablets?

Android is now becoming a necessity for smartphone users. 87% of the market share captured by Android different versions. Therefor we decided to help this big user base. In our day to day life, we face many problems using Androids. In this article, we are going to quick fix android problems.

Update your smartphone firmware:

Go to Settings–>About phone–>System Updates double press on that and get the latest update of Firmware recommended use WiFi or high-speed internet Firmware size could be little big.

Reset your Android phone:

Go to setting–>Privacy–>Factory Data Reset (Recommend use first data backup of your device)
Reset Phone will ask you format SD card checkbox.
It will reset your device on Factory mode.
(This will be in same conditions as you buy the device)

Check the Internal Memory Space:

Select Settings from home screen/Menu–>Select SD Card & Phone Storage–>On the top under SD Card You will find Total Space and Available Space–>At the bottom Internal storage will show left available storage for installing your Android Apps. You can remove Cache from individual installed apps.

Uninstall unused programs & application:

Uninstall unused or rare used Apps this should be identified only by you.

For temporary issue:

If you want temporary instant solutions just reboot your Mobile/Tab. Even this tricks works for all the gadgets included Windows and iOS. As an example, sometimes your touch does not work properly just restart your device it will work.


Hope you will use these tips and tricks to resolve your android device problems. Share your valuable feedback.

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