Speedup a slow laptop

Recently one of my colleagues buys a brand-new laptop with excitement. But what happens? He is now not satisfied with the speed and performance of this laptop. He even tried to open the browser play movies etc. But he says there is something wrong with the laptop.

As per our personal experiences. We see that a brand-new laptop comes with many unwanted or less usable software. Which we do use rare in our day to day life. But due to lack of knowledge about the applications and available setups. We do carry such unused software. The reason that we get slowness issue in our laptop.

Apart from this let’s explore more causes behind the slowness of a laptop.

Tips and tricks to Speedup a slow laptop problem :

Uninstall useless programs / Applications

Go running (Command prompt) and type appwiz.cpl 
(Add/Remove Programs  ) or at the PC's Control Panel, try to identify and remove any unwanted applications software programs.  
Add Remove Programs

Note:  If you are not aware of the software applications installed in Add/Remove Programs box. Don’t try to uninstall those software and applications.

Check the installation date and dig the uses behind. It will increase space in your HDD and help you to increase the performance. Some cases we face in real life that after removal of old expired software. And Antivirus application our system responds fast as never before.

Upgrade Operating system and antivirus software

From time to time we show that many software applications are slowing down your laptop/pc. Not only the Operating system but Antivirus patches also run all the time in your system. And these all patches (OS & AV) gets updated by the software owner company to provide you best of the solutions. To increase your system performance without compromising the security.

Software updates

If you are running your laptop or desktop out of the reach. For updates of an Operating system and Antivirus. Then you may face laptop slowness/performance issues.

Antivirus and Malware scan process

Sometimes we do use a different type of software (to secure our laptop / Desktop). This software comes with pre-installed OS (Operating System). As we see if you buy any home series of laptop you will get at least 5 to 10 unnecessary or less usable apps.

Laptop Taskbar
Write click on the status bar and get the option for Taskbar.

System and malware scans can apps can slow your laptop/computer’s performance. The scan is generally working to scan the whole system small to big files. Ensure that if you are using multiple security applications. Remove/reduce the number of such apps because all the software runs processes. As we check one Antivirus checks your system at multi-level. Check the running programs using via task-bar. And stop the software or application which is consuming most of your CPU / RAM.

Servicing of a Laptop Internal and External

Laptop Servicing

Dust and moisture around your laptop may cause the slowness of a laptop. Even this can destroy your laptop equipment. Main areas of dust are Fans and vents of your laptop. Many times, when we do internal servicing of a laptop.  Due to dust either the fan spikes get damaged or it is contents only dust particles. It will affect the computer’s ability to keep cool the CPU units. In the beginning, you will face the issue of a heatwave from the fan area which is also very harmful to the human body. After some time, your System gets to hang and BSOD “blue screen of death error”. Even an enormous type of issues you may face with your laptop.

BSOD - Blue Screen of Death error in windows 10

We recommend keeping your laptop in a clean area and do service once a year. Take help from a reliable Hardware vendor/ engineer. Or you can do service once face any symptoms of Heat and cooling of a laptop.

Hardware Issue: Check RAM and the hard drive

If your Laptop / PC getting often hanged, reboots and coming to a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Then you must check first your RAM. Other symptoms may be your files taking a lot of time to open and getting damaged while you are working on that.

Similarly, Hard disk is the main source which stores all the files and folders.

  • System getting restart with Blue screen of death sometimes.
  • During system on HDD get automatically scanning process.
  • Files and folders look, and the name gets changed with junk characters.
  • File open and close taking time.
  • Operating system getting crashed asking to repair frequently.

In this case, you must copy your HDD (Hard disk) data in a separate external HDD / flash drive. Maybe your HDD gets crashed any time. The recovery process of an HDD is not easy.

But if there are minor issues like bed sector in your HDD those can be fixed using a few windows command lines. i.e chkdsk C: /f /r /x this command is the primary treatment of an HDD. If this not resolving your issue just go for replacement.

Check Disk – chkdsk

Reinstall an Operating System Windows

When all efforts fail, you can need to reinstall your operating system. There would be definitely an operating system problem. This would be the last and effective process to improve your Laptop processes.

Also, if you are not having much tech knowledge. Ask any local known engineer to reset/reinstall the operating system of the laptop. Most of the cases we found you don’t need to check other aspects. Before starting the Operating system installation. Ensures that you have all the data and software settings backup in handy. Sometimes we observe few of users takes only backup of personal files and folders. Not the settings and software keys backups.

Recap to speed up a laptop

  • Check your system and remove unwanted and less used software’s.
  • Keep Operating system, Drivers, Software, Antivirus updated.
  • Clean up your laptop external as a well internal time to time.
  • Replace remove faulty parts and reinstall problematic software’s.
  • Run defragmentation and temp file clean-up process in a regular interval.

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