Smartphone Buying Ideas

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Many times we face challenge to choose a best smartphone. our mind asked help me to choose a smartphone. What things to consider before buying a smartphone, best blog to get smartphone buying guide. In this blog we are trying to overcome your concerns about the a smartphone procurement. Important things to remember before you go to buy a smartphone. Top tips and ideas to buy a smartphone.

In this article you will know the major things of a smartphone. And how become a simple phone smarter?.

A long-lasting battery:

Mobile we do use on go means all the time our smartphone is working. Without having a good long last battery it is very difficult to look out the charging points. Even though smartphones have fast charging features. But still, a battery needs long-running battery life.

If you don’t have good battery life you may look for fast charging. At least you will use your smartphone without down. Recommended to look for Big battery at least 24 hours playback battery life.

Types of Smartphone Batteries:

  1. Lithium Polymer batteries are the most advanced batteries. These batteries are currently being used in most of the new smartphones
  2. lithium-ion batteries are advanced and allow for a high charge capacity. Means bigger in size means more power backup. Lithium-ion batteries are a little expensive.
  3. Nickel Cadmium these types of batteries are now almost obsolete.

Processing speed of a smartphone:

Speed this is the 5th generation without speed you will lag behind. So stay ahead you need speed in your life and thinking as well on your smartphone.

Smartphone Processor Choice:

Processer speed totally depends on the process type and brands. Top smartphone processor making companies.  i.e Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC (mobile system on a chip), A14 Bionic by Apple inc, Exynos 2100 by Samsung and Dimensity 1000 Plus by Mediatek.

Top rated smartphone processor of the year:

  1. A14 Bionic – Apple – USA
  2. Snapdragon 888 – Qualcomm
  3. Exynos 2100 – Samsung – Korea
  4. Kirin 9000 – HiSilicon – Chinese

Random Access Memory (RAM):

Processor is the brain of a smartphone and RAM are the hands without strong hands device can’t run smoothly. So a good capacity of RAM always works with processors to run smartphones super-fast. So in future check before buying a smartphone.

Latest highest RAM is 12 gb mobile as follows:

  • Xiaomi Black Shark 2 256GB 12 GB
  • OnePlus 7 Pro 12 GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 12 GB
  • ZTE is planning to work for 20GB RAM smartphone

Crystal-clear Smartphone Display:

Most mobile makers and customers believed that OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode). OLED Technology-based display units are best for Smartphones.

Best Smartphone Display

  • TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor) – These are the better quality as compared to old TFT.
  • Retina Display – Retina Display is a super quality display. This technology is being used in Apple smartphones.
  • Super AMOLED by Samsung which are being used in the most of the smartphone. 

Great camera featured for smartphones:

The Smartphone now comes with DSLR quality camera-enabled features. A great camera has to be basic things in quality as follows:

  • Aperture – for a clearer and less blared background we have to choose less aperture. A Smartphone camera leans of f/2.8 is better than f/8.a
  • Megapixels – Helps you to take the depths of a photo. This means if you do maximize the image quality will not get compromised. More pixels means better quality image.
  • Lenses and zoom –Lenses helps to force better aperture. Even better than the basic photo camera of the market. In the smartphone, primes are getting used instead of the camera like zoom features   

Types of Camera Lenses

Ultra-wide-angle – for a much wider view of an image up to 16 mm
Wide-angle / standard – this is a standard camera equal to 27 or 28mm
Telephoto – this is often a 2x or 3x telephoto lens, giving a 56mm or 81mm equal
Monochrome camera/sensor – Some offer a dedicated monochrome camera. For a crisp and sharp quality shoot.
Depth camera – used for creating background blur like portrait quality photos

Smartphones with Plenty of storage

Today when we shoot videos and photos. Storage issues always are there. Now time to look at the smartphone with at least 128 GB of storage. Where if you like to take a decent quality photo that would be approx. 6-8 MB in size. Videos go beyond 1GB for 15 minutes shoot. Today smartphone has 1 TB of storage also.

Top 1 TB Storage Smartphones of the World

  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ – 1 TB – the companies used eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) technology
  • Asus ROG Phone 2 – 12 GB RAM – 1 TB internal storage
  • ZTE Axon 30 Ultra – 16 GB Ram – 1 TB internal storage

Smartphone Fingerprint sensor:

Forget about the manual pin or password-based smartphone. Now time to put the finger and the phone is on. The sensor is very important for smartphone fingerprint identification.

Fast Charging +/ Wireless charging:

Time is too fast and all are engaged most of the time with the mobiles. We can leave the office work and even our train but don’t want to miss a second without a smartphone. We don’t have time to spend charging in hours. So Fast and super-fast charging based mobile is recommended for all. Today many smartphones coming with Wireless charging enabled. But this technology is futuristic and takes time to charge smartphones. As compared to fast charging. If you have both the provision like Fast charging plus wireless charging it is good to be wireless.

Smartphone with Infrared remote control:

Many times we face issues that we missed out somewhere our TV / AC remote. Infrared remote control feature in mobile will help us to Switch on-off or change the channel of a TV or AC.


This article is going to be your complete Smartphone buying ideas and guide. You may give your opinion to your friends and family. All the aspects added in this article which all the latest smartphone makers using.


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