Skype vs Google Voice

Skype and Google Voice Features and comparison

VIDEO CHATYes*Yes*Available only through integration with Google’s “Voice and Video Chat” (requires plug-in installation), video chat not within Google Voice itself.
FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLINGNo*Yes***International calls are not free/supported with Google Voice, but you can install Google’s Voice and Video Chat for free international calling (does not extend to landline and mobile phones). **Only Skype-to-Skype international calls are free.
UNLIMITED DOMESTIC CALLS (INCLUDING MOBILE  AND LANDLINE NUMBERS)YesNo**Skype-to-Skype domestic calls are free, but calls to mobile and landline phones cost extra using a Skype subscription (pay as you go: 2.3 – 2.6 cents/min, 1.2 – 1.4 cents/min). Subscriptions range from $2.99/month for U.S. and Canada to $13.99/month for unlimited worldwide. Certain subscriptions offer free (but limited) calls to landline/mobile phones.
VOICE, IM AND VIDEO INTEGRATION ON SINGLE PLATFORMNo*Yes*Video calls are only available through Google’s Voice and Video Chat plug-in.
FREE SMSYes*No***Only domestic SMS is free **Skype Credit must be bought to SMS; rates vary by country, U.S. (not including Hawaii/Alaska): 11.2 cents/message.
FREE VOICEMAILYes*Yes*Google Voice also allows you to listen to voicemail in real-time and answer the call at any time.
FREE CALL FORWARDING (Public Switched Telephone Network [PSTN] INTEGRATION)YesNo**Certain paid subscriptions offer free call forwarding and purchasing Skype Credit allows you to pay per minute (Rates vary by country, U.S. [not including Hawaii/Alaska]: 2.3 cents/min).
FREE VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIPTIONYesNo**Costs extra (25 cents/message).
FREE CALL RECORDINGYes*No*Google Voice has free call recording with incoming calls, not outgoing calls.
FREE INDIVIDUAL PHONE NUMBERYesNo**You can get your own number for $18 for three months, or $60 for a year (through a Skype Premium subscription, users get a 33% discount for 3 months on their numbers and a 50% discount for a year).
NEEDS PHONE PLANYes*No***You need a phone plan to use Google Voice but can use Google Voice and Video Chat for free via WiFi connection. **A phone plan is unnecessary because you can connect through WiFi.
FREE GROUP VIDEO CHATYes*No***Free group video chat is available only through Google’s “Google+ Hangouts” application. **This is free/available only with Skype Premium paid a subscription (cost varies by country, U.S.: $4.99/month for a 12-month subscription, $7.49/month for a 3-month subscription).
“BUSINESS VERSION” OF THE SERVICE AVAILABLE AIMED AT TYPICAL COMPANY NEEDSNoYes**”Skype for Business” costs more and includes features like cheaper calls, group calling, collaboration functions and contact with non-Skype customers. Cost varies depending on business size and other factors.
REQUIRES A CLIENTNoYes**Download the Skype client.
REQUIRES A PLUG-INYes*No*Download the Google Voice plug-in.

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