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Google primer ‘A book for growth and wisdom’

Develop your Skills with Google primer

This is a free mobile app without advertisement. by Google available for Android as well iOS.
Google Primer

Google primer has been developed to help new startup and existing business owner. Where they learn different useful skills, which will help them to grow and compete for the worlds. This is a google app marketing tool for growth.

This app is for a learner who wants to learn business and marketing skills. Quickly and easily with simple examples. Once you install the Google primer app on your mobile. There is many categories/skills sets just search in the app for your desire. The skills you want to learn, track your progress as you go, and learn them all.

As above elaborates this is only for strategic business plan app. To make a startup list for all businesses. Even students and marketing personnel can also gain knowledge in just go.

Primer is not designed as a heavy and difficult book. It will we appear just simple attractive popup/sticky types. a complete Knowledgebase which will not give you stress like book reading.

Google Primer is a learning app for Businessman – Features of Primer

Business Planning:

How to start a business what measures we need to take while starting any business just go through this chapter.


Even though our business is doing well but still selling is a most and difficult task for any business. This skill set will help you and share the different type of example based on selling tips and tricks.

Google primer categories

Google primer have lots of categories for business learning a step ahead for google learning

Brand Building:

Lacs of business running around and even reaches millions in turnover but still, their brands are not popular in the market. So how to build and brand? Just go through this option will help you to stepwise brand building technics.

Customer Engagement:

Without a customer, none of the business can be a success. Even though you have a good amount of customer base, but still in market competitor watching and targeting your customers so how to retain or get engaged with customers.

A website, Email Marketing, Social Media:

In this digital world without every vendor or customer get more attractive if you have a website, business email id and Social media engagement with your customers. So how to get improve and start a website, email marketing, and social media use just go through this skill set. Create google forms to collect back feedbacks from clients.

Business Management:

Even though we have all the above skill sets, but without Business management skill none of the above can be driven. So just go through this skill will help you how to be a leader of your business, How to treat with a team, how to work-life balance.

Digital Marketing – Content Marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the powerful tools for these days marketing. No need to go out and discuss with anyone just launch your good content with Digital marketing skill and win the world.

Apart from all the above skill here is a bunch of other skills you may learn using Google primer

Analytics and business insights:

how to analyze business how to know business insights and other marketing mixes. Without know the core values of any business, you will not get successes.

Different ways of Marketing:

above we have already covered Digital marketing and Social marketing engagement apart from that in Google primer has been covered Video marketing, Mobile marketing tips and tricks mean how to make a business video and how to get reached every once palm through mobile marketing.

User Experiences:

How to track users experiences while using your product and services on how to take servery about your business.

Agency Management:

How to tackle your vendor / Agency for any services which you are taking from outside agencies.

Finally, we will say it will be abcd learning app for every businessman/woman.

Source courtesy: google primer

Help us and share your feedback and also share with your family and friends. This app will streamline your and your family business.

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