Share internet from Laptop to Mobile

Steps to share Laptop Internet to mobile

If you are using broadband without WiFi router and ISP is connected using Direct Cable to your laptop. In that case How you will get access to the net in your mobile / Tablet. In this blog, we are sharing a trick for.

Steps for sharing ISP from Laptop to Mobile

  1. Go through command prompt type following command line

Netsh WLAN  set hostednetwork made=allow ssid=”router name” key=”password”

(Password and Router name you may select of your choice in this command line)

ISP Sharing from Laptop to Mobile

2. type : netsh wlan  start hostednetwork

3. From local area network allow other sharing through this computer internet connection.

4) From drop down select virtual network adopter. Will be shows after process previous commands.

Internet Connection Sharing

5) Run wlan command using  “netsh  vlan start hostednetwork”  also can be create .bat file executable file for future quick access.

For stop this can be run from commands via command prompt.

“netsh  vlan stop hostednetwork”
Note: first check “netsh wlan show drivers”
And will bet message “hosted network supported”


You can use your laptop as Wifi router for time being. Hope you will use this if required in any circumstances. Share with your friends and enjoy this hacks.

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