Secure Access Control and Information Technology

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Protect Network

Protecting a network is a vital challenge in this era. Daily thousands of hazards virus, malware, spyware and ransomware getting introduced by hackers. In this situation keeping our networking always secure becoming a painful task for us.

We can close the doors but keeping always protected from the monster there is none of the full proof security tool exist.

Secure access control can be a way to minimize the chances to make a reach of hackers in your home/office computer network.

In this digital era, everyone relates to the global network (Internet). In the other hand Hackers using this as a quick earning source in the wrong way.

These days thief will not visit personally at your home. They are tracking your online activities and can access control of your mobile / gadgets and banking transactions. Even cyber experts are not able to trace out the routes of these thefts easily. Data can be access / Control from the thousand miles away just using the Internet and a laptop device.

In this article, we are trying to minimize your cyber threats.

Before using a network at home Wi-Fi or office you must follow a few basic but useful tips and tricks.

Here we are trying to explore the steps and best practices to manage and take control of your office and home network.

Best practices to manage control Office / Home Network

Collect all IT Products / Assets: We suggest you collect all the IT products of office/home like Networking products like Router/Access point, Switches, Computer, Laptop and Mobiles etc.  

Software Tools H/w and other devices getting in use example of what software you are using in your office. Like Mails, Billing software and other business applications.

Account details: Who using what device and software features and products.

Device, Software Hardware users: What devices getting used like Desktop using LAN or Laptops.  Wi-Fi users and Desktop users. Which software getting used through which Wi-Fi.

Suppliers & Customers & Employees: Who is the supplier of your hardware and software products, who is the customer of your products and software. How many employees are associated? With suppliers and customers to take charge of hazards happening.

Steps to maintain and manage the infrastructure

Create Asset Records: To collect all the IT asset is being used in your office is very important for us. This is like our home there is maybe many precious things available and you know the place where they are stored. So, in the office/home network also you need to be ensured that you have the list of all the asset is available in your network.

Segment Networking: Segment your network access and control. Marketing network, Accounts network, Open network and guest network. A proper plan for subnetting for your office network is needed. For home, you can also define a different network for your child and guest access. 

Access write and permission: Access control for File sharing and content sharing within the network. Create a checklist who will access which file in the network. Means guest network users no needs to provide access to a local office/home network. As per research many cases, we see hackers know you very well. Give the access read-only if necessary.

Data Breach plan and precautions: As we know in this era Data is the king.

‘Loss of data if Loss of Business ‘this is happening. Ensure that you have tightened security to manage and categories data based on departments. In many organizations, we see precious data of the company is easily accessible. Means anybody who has guest access can also retrieve data from the network. And there is no checks and tracking available for Data loss. Same for home network most of we do an online transaction using the home network. And personal photos and documents are available in our home desktop/laptop. And we don’t have any provision to control Data Breach. Set a plan for home and office Who will access what will access policy.

Top Leakage in IT infrastructure

The top security leakage of an IT infrastructure is as follows:

Web Security: Every device not connected with the World wide web and your device is virtually connected with a global network of computer. There is bad and good both type of users exists. As above mentioned, hackers are snooping global network and may access your system using web network. There are many techniques has been identified by researchers to prevent. Ensure that your network and computer is fully secure for using Global Network (Internet).

Email Security: Today we all have a personal or business email id to communicate with the office, family and friends. Hackers taking advantage of this to the source to compromise your network.

Product Security: Any software or hardware products can be compromised /controlled by the hacker. So ensure that your products are liable to tackle security threats.  For that, you need to check vulnerable.

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