Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone

A different way of technology introduced by Samsung. The mobile will flip like Motorola RAZR. But while you open the device it will look like a normal smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Z flip comes with a flaxy foldable screen. The phone length will not bother you any more just fold and keep in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z flip device technical highlights

The phone can be folded to fit your pockets space with a flexible screen. Flexible and durable glass screen never let you down. Use it Feel the experience of the invention. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which uses a vertical folding unique design. When you fold, Flex mode the apps get splits in half and other controls features will show on the bottom half. This model works half screen full control functions.

Samsung Galaxy Z series with half screen view

This smartphone will display external notifications Tap and swipe when it’s folded mode. The main cover screen will show you notification immediately.

This mobile phone comes with dual battery mode. Allows you whole day-long battery life with 3300 mAh.

The first mobile of Samsung comes with folding glass screen on a Galaxy. Made of Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass with a smooth flat screen.

Last long Samsung says the new glass will last for 200,000 folds which is too enough to use as much as we want to use.

Highlights of Specifications Samsung Galaxy Z flip

Price $ 1380
Screen Display 6.7” without notch on-screen camera delights with Dynamic AMOLED Screen and OLED display After folding the size of device minimize to 3.44”
Camera 12- megapixel Dual in backside 10 – MP Selfie camera
Battery The dual battery holds power 3300 mAh (typical) with fast charging enabled
Processor SD 855 Plus latest one
RAM 8 GB sufficient for gaming experiences
Storage 256 GB Internal enough to hold Audio Video and images.
Operating System Android 10 One UI 2
Colours Mirror Black, Mirror Purple and Mirror Gold and a special edition Thom Browne
Security Unlock your phone with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scan, or a PIN, pattern, or password Samsung Knox – Multi-layered protection to secure your phone from the chip up.

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Additional inputs about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  • This device comes with a hole-punch camera like Samsung Note10 series.
  • Near the main camera, you will get a small display unit. Which shows you all the notification and messages indications.
  • The hinge in this device has been hidden with protected cover no needs to very about the dust and cleaning.
  • Even you can fold the screen in different mode or angles.
  • Use multi-task with Multi-Active Windows drag and drop apps seamless.


The previous version of Samsung foldable Mobile device gets rumours globally. Due to some technical hardware glitch. Now in this device, Samsung comes with proper homework. And learns from the previous mistakes. Now Samsung Z flip comes with unique and advanced technology and hardware updates.

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