Router/Access Point fit for your home / office

Router and access point for Home / SME

High Capacity and Load Balancing features:

Ensure which router or access point you are planning to buy. Check that should be sufficient capacity to manage bandwidth and load balancing features. Today homes and offices are fully gadgets equipped. So if you procure low bandwidth capacity and without load balance options. Such devices may give you difficulties. Whenever your device get connected with Router or Access point those may get slower.

User-friendly console Manageable option:

These days most of the router have features to setup complex network and firewall option. Ensure you can manage your routers on the easy go. Few routers have also mobile app based on manageable options you can look for.

Security system features like Role-based Policy Control (Network Access Control):

Role-based policy control allows you to assign roles. A user who will what port or website access on your network. All will be under your control.

Coverage of Router:

Ensure that your Wi-Fi router has enough capacity to cover all the areas as per your desire. Sometimes when we are standing or sitting on balcony Wi-Fi unable to connect or gets dropped link. So, we need to go through this option also.

Measure Performance:

Router / AP should be able to measure the performance of the end-user device. Router dashboard should show a sign of network Speed application usage errors signal strength. Currently in the market available 2.4 and 5.0 GHz network supportable routers. You should ensure that your router should be able to connect or support both types of devices 2.4 and 5.0. Some time they support both but due to a single radio, one at a time is used.

Web Filter and Application Control:

Many routers come these days with basic security system features. Like application and website control and firewall features. Also, a few of the firewall comes with child control. So you can select as per your needs and budget.

Router support 802.11ac:

Router and Access Points should support 802.11ac. And the WAVE-2 Technology this is new and latest one standard.

Conclusion: Router and access point are these days have a very important role to connect Broadband and Wifi.

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