Rectangle box in windows 8 start screen

Sometimes Windows 8 and 8.1 users addressed a strange problem/bug. Even as an IT professional our organization 2 or 3 system we face this type of issue. Let talk about the real issue we face.

Rectangles box showing in Windows 8 Start Screen

In Windows 8 and 8.1 starts screen shows a weird character. Such as rectangle box instead of the icon and proper text. This is basically showing in Start Screen, Login Screen and windows several apps.

Following images will help you in better understanding the problem:


Identify Windows 8 Vertical rectangles box issue

As per our research and google, we found this problem occurs due to a system font “Segoe UI Symbol”. If this font is missing or corrupt in Windows 8 machine. This font contains icons which are shown in the places as showing in the above screenshot. This problem occurred due to many reasons. Like missing fonts, Fonts Corrupted fonts and deleted fonts.

Sometimes when we install third-party software that may replace system fonts. An older version of Segoe UI Symbol font can also cause this annoying issue.

Here we are sharing few tips and tricks to resolve Windows 8 rectangles box issue

Process following steps to fix this weird rectangle problem in Windows 8:

Option 1:

Retrieve original fonts (Segoe UI Symbol font) from another machine or from OEM. And copy complete fonts of the same family in the fonts folder. You just need to type Fonts in RUN command box and press Enter. In you, the explorer fonts folder will get appeared. Search Segoe UI Symbol font in the list. Copy this font and copy in any pen drive or any other storage.  Go to corrupted machine and go through fonts folder with the same process and paste these fonts. Restart the machine and your problem gets shorted.

You need to look for the same windows machine as your friends and contacts. Copy this font same version and replace in your fonts folder.

Option 2:

Download Segoe UI symbol font to get rid of the Windows 8 Rectangle box issue. You will get 2 fonts version one for windows 8 and another for Windows 8.1. Copy the required fonts and copy it to your machine’s fonts folder. Restart the machine. The problem must be resolved.

Option 3:

Run Windows updates if it is not automatic processing in your PC. Try to bugfix of Operating System using repairing process. If you are familiar with the Windows installation process. Take Windows installation CD/ DVD and repair OS this problem may get resolved.

If still your problem not get resolved. Kindly contact/comments us, we will take your machine in the remote. And our expert support team will help you out free.


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