Ransomware Protection tool for your PC – RansomFree

Ransom Free a Software for Ransomware Protection

The World 1st effective Ransomware protection tool. The name is “RansomFree” developers claiming it will trace 99% Ransomware.

Types of Ransomware WanaCry, NotPetya, Bad Rabbit

Cybereason a Boston-based cyber security and protection company has invented RansomFree a tool. Which gives a fresh breathtaking movement for Information technology. This tool trace real-time processing of any ransomware detection and this tool/Software gets popup. RansomFree can spot most strains of Ransomware. Take actions before encryption of the files.

RansomFree is a standalone product and is compatible with Windows PC. This app will support for Windows 7, 8 and 10, also Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 and 2008 R2.

We can’t rely on regular patch updates of windows and standalone antivirus installed on our PCs. Most the time Ransomware bypass antivirus.

Ransomware Behaviour

RansomFree uses “behavioural and proprietary deception” techniques to detect ransomware. Variant in action before the threat has a chance to encrypt your data.

RansomFree detects and stops ransomware from encrypting files on computers and servers.

RansomFree developed by Cybereason

Cybereason is a company of elite, former military cyber-security experts. Their team build military-grade technologies that enable companies to stop attacks in real time. Thanks to such brillient tech team who are working to protect technology uses.

Download Free a Software which will protect your system for Ransomware attacks. No needs to take care about windows special updates.

For more details in deep, you may visit www.cybereason.com.
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Conclusion :

Ransomware is serious issue even tech savvy personal gets stuck while face ransomware attacks. We suggest you always save your valuable data out from your laptop / Desktop. Ensure that don’t try to connect infected machines to you home / office network. Remove destroy infected PC or HDD completely.

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