Passwords must meet complexity change Windows server 2008

Windows Server Password Complexity

Windows server has a predefined password complexity set. If you use default settings you need to follow password characters. Like Alphanumeric, special characters and specific minimum lengths 8 characters.

In this blog we are helping you to change the default settings related to password complexity. Now you can use your friendly and simple password without special keys.

Steps to change Password Complexity in Windows Server

Go to a command prompt

  • Type ‘secedit /export /cfg c:\local.cfg‘ and hit enter
  • Using notepad, edit c:\local.cfg
  • Look for the line “PasswordComplexity = 1” and change it to “PasswordComplexity = 0”
  • You can do edit “MinimumPasswordLength = 7” to a lesser value if you like.
  • Save the file
  • At a command prompt type ‘secedit /configure /db %windir%\security\local.sdb /cfg c:\local.cfg /areas SECURITYPOLICY
  • This will apply the new settings and refreshing the gpedit.msc should reflect the new settings
  • Set your new less complex password!

Option 2

Password Complexity

Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Account Policies -> Password Policy

Final you may run command gpupdate /force


Note server recommend you to use complex password. Password not should be easy to guess by others. We recommended you to use complex password to prevent for hacker guess.

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