Outlook Email Error:

If you face an issue that means your system has enabled the feature of Windows. “metered connection settings ON” for your Wifi / LAN. This means you have restricted access uses of the Internet through Wi-Fi / LAN.

Moreover, Outlook service gets compromised and will alarm as showing in the screenshot. Without processing Connect Anyway your mail process will not function.

Outlook Email Error:

Get rid of this issue you just need to follow a few simple steps:

Microsoft outlook is well-designed world best mail client application which market share would be approx. 90%. This error, not a problem of outlook there is not required to make any change for outlook configuration.

‘Set metered connection’ sometimes get automatically enabled. After windows updates. Same happens with our client and even in my own laptop.

Step to change the metered connection settings:

  1. Press WindowsS or go through the windows search box and type Change Wi-Fi settings in the search box.
  2. Click Advanced Options for Windows 8 or 8.1.
  3. Disable/off the toggle under Metered connection.

In windows 10 you will get different options go to through the screenshot.

Right-click on status bar Network connection area click Open Network & Internet Settings.

You will get the above screen click on “Change connection properties”

After checking above processes, you will get a Metered connection screen as follows. Just off metered connection option, all your outlook error/alarm message will not appear again.


In conclusion, We (blogyaatri.com) as a team face this issue in our office desk. And sharing our experiences with you. Hope this article will minimize your search to rectify the issue.

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