Outlook email features and configuration

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MS outlook email

Microsoft Outlook is the world’s best and widely usable email client. Apart from the mails it is also Includes a calendar, task manager, contacts, notes taking, etc. The current version of Outlook is 2019. The outlook is generally available with the bundle pack of MS office suite.  The outlook is one of the oldest mail client first version was launch in the year 1997 as outlook 97.  Nowadays outlook becomes one of the best and popular mail client.

Outlook helps us to download all the mails in offline mode. Means you can access your downloaded emails without an internet connection. Without net you can read write the messages, emails can be parked in draft item to send later.

Email, calendar, contacts all in one place

Work efficiently with email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more—together in one place. Office integration allows you to share attachments right from OneDrive. Access contacts, and view LinkedIn profiles. The collaboration features make outlook best ever.

Outlook configuration and features

What is IMAP, POP, and MAPI in MS OUTLOOK? 

In Outlook, you can configure different type of mail protocol.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): Using this option you can real-time sync all the emails offline online. Means in your outlook and web both the location mail will be presented as-is.

POP (Post office protocol): This protocol is one of the oldest technology for mail clients. Using this mail protocol will download all the mails offline. Whenever you will send any mails using this that will not get uploaded in webmails sent box.

MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface): This is the advanced and latest messaging techniques. Being used for Microsoft Exchanges mail synchronizations. This works like IMAP but creates.PST files instead of .OST. Also, you can transfer.

Configure Gmail in outlook

Before configuring the Gmail in outlook you must need to enable few features from the Gmail web. The step gave as follows:

Google Settings:
Go to Settings –> Forwarding and POP/IMAP
In the IMAP Access section, select Enable IMAP.
Click Save Changes.

Outlook Configuration

Open outlook if you are the first time user. It will automatically popup “Add an email account”
Also will ask you “do you want to set up outlook to connect to an email account” “YES/NO”

Select Yes the following screen will appear. We recommended selecting a manual setup. Because the E-mail account setup option will not ask you additional settings/features. Like to setup customized incoming/outgoing ports. So you may face difficulties to setup Gmail using this feature.

Add Account in Outlook

Press the Next button after selecting manual setup. Or additional server type’s option from the previous screenshot.
Click POP or IMAP as your service and then click Next.

POP or IMAP setting

We are entering dummy records for your reference and knowledge. You need to enter the information in Screen 1 and after filling all the information. Mail to keep offline option also available to download and sync emails for 1 month to all emails.
Go to More Settings and Internet E-mail Settings screen will appear.

  • In general tab type, you Name i.e Gopi Thomas.
  • Outgoing Server Tab you need to check option my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Finally, go to the advanced tab and change the default configuration of Incoming and outgoing server ports as per google recommended. Incoming 993 and outgoing 587 for IMAP configuration.
  • You can also set server timeouts settings.

How to configure exchange mail in outlook?

Go to add account and Select Manual setup or additional server type and click Next.
Select Exchange ActiveSync and click next. Enter information of your server configuration.
Which will look like as follows:
Click next it will automatically fetch the details of your mail id’s and server DNS. Final it will ask you password of the mailbox that’s it. Click next and Outlook will test your account settings. If the connection is successful, Outlook will begin importing the Mailbox

Key features of MS outlook

If you ever use the outlook you will know the beauty of MS outlook mail client. Microsoft team do regular updates the features, look and feel of outlook.

Menu and Quick toolbox of Outlook

  • File: Account information, Account settings, Clean-up, Manage rules & alerts, Options, etc.
  • Home: New email, New items (Email, New appointment, Meeting, Contact, and task), Delete, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Rules, Address book, etc.
  • Send / Receive: Send receive all folders, Show progress, Cancel all, Download headers, Work offline, etc.
  • Folder: New folder, New Search folder, mark all as read, run rules now, show all folders, auto-archive settings, etc.
  • View: Change view, View settings, message preview, Show (Date, from, to, Categories, start date, etc)

Create a signature in outlook

Signature is the identity of you and your company. So if you want to minimize the work to retype always a signature. You can set/fix a predefined signature of your mailbox. Using the signature option for all new mail. A signature will automatically get typed in the e-mail body.

Steps to create a Signature :

Select press new message option – Select Signature as circled.

Outlook Signature setup
  1. Business Card – you can select a business card instead of creating a separate manual signature.
  2. Import Image signature of your company or you can add the specialized logo of your company using this feature.
  3. Weblink – you can select a web-based link in your signature
  4. Allow Saved newly created sign for new messages
  5. Select a sign to allow for replies/ forwards emails.
Outlook Signature steps

After making all the changes you can save signature. There are also options to create multiple signatures. You may use the single mailbox or multiple accounts based signatures.

Use of a reminder in outlook

These days all we are busy to do multi-task projects and getting multiple emails from the boss. Where many times it is not possible to remember all the queries. Even we observe these days our memory is not much action to keep remind future based tasks. So reminder / Task is really boon for our day to day work. This features all improve our efficiency.

Set reminder in outlook

Appointment / Meetings– These features allow you to setup the Subject of the appointment. Location, Start time and end time, in the body of the appointment you can type the minutes of meetings. There is also an option to invite attendees of appointment.

Task Task is a reminder to keep all the task schedule time. All the task will show on your home page. You can set the details of task like Date completed. Total work, actual work, mileage, etc. You will get a regular reminder as per your given set date. After completion of your task, you can mark the task as completed. Assign Task means you have a provision to extend the task to your teammates.

Top mail clients applications similar to outlook

If you don’t have a budget to purchase MS outlook you may look for alternate Mail client as follows:

  1. Thunderbird – One of the oldest and best email client support all type of mailbox to use as POP and IMAP.
  2. Apple Mail – Apple mail is a proprietary of Apple Inc for all the IOS.
  3. eMClient – This is e-mail client for e-mails, managing calendars, contacts, and tasks, etc.
  4. Opera Mail – Email and News client developed by the Opera web browser is old software.
  5. Mail – This is an email and newsgroup client developed by Microsoft. Mail is an alternate of Outlook Express and available in the Windows Vista, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems.

Differences between webmail vs mail client:

  • Webmail can’t access without internet in mail client you can access offline mails.
  • Offline mails are user-friendly as compared to webmail.
  • Webmail is not quick responded as the mail client.
  • You can save emails in the draft without internet in Mail client. Without internet-draft mail not possible in Webmail.
  • Webmail all the time you need to login but in the Mail client, your password and settings are already saved. So just open the client and use quickly.
  • Webmail is totally browser-based but Mail clients are application-based. So applications always more easy to use and quick response.

How to take a backup of outlook Mails?

Go to Home – Select Accounts settings –> Data Files à Select data file and select the open file location. Then close outlook now copy (.PST) files from the open file location. This is the backup file of Outlook Mails keep this in a safe location for future requirements.

Limitation of PST / OST file size

Default mailbox size for PST and OST is 50 GB but as per our personal experience, we face difficulties for OST file more than 20 GB. Because OST files sync mails all the time. During synchronization, OST gets an update and take time.
PST file may give you problem after 30-40 GB.

Why Microsoft discard outlook express?

Outlook Express is one of the best and old mail client of Microsoft. It always came with Windows. After the year 2008, we did not get any stable version of this application. As per our understanding, Microsoft starts to promote MS Outlook. MS Outlook comes with Office pack a separate paid version of Microsoft. After users query and feedback, Microsoft tried to launch a similar application.

Windows live mail this app does not get more popularity and there were many problems on this. Now Windows live mail also discontinued. Currently, as an alternate Mail is available in Windows 10 which you can use as a mail client.

Differences of MS outlook vs outlook express

MS Outlook is the most advanced version with many features. Like Event, Task, Calendar and contract. Now Outlook Express is discontinued and there were many lacks of features in this.


In this article, we tried to share mail client features and configuration. Advanced features which available in MS outlook. How Ms. Outlook differs from other mail clients. Webmail vs Mail client /outlook configured mails. Top mail clients list. How to take a backup of Outlook mailbox. Limitation of MS Outlook in size. Why we like to use Ms. Outlook Mail client over to other mail clients.

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