Outgoing mail forwarding in G Suite – Now Google Workspace

Two question to the Google Mail administrator:
Question 1 : How can i forward outgoing mails of an user to Other email address?
Question 2: How can i restrict user to delete any email from Trash item or from inbox/sent items?
Reply of these two important questions has been elaborate in this article

Q1 : How can i forward outgoing mails of a user to other email address?

Restrict / Bound the outgoing mails

Google Workspace Mail Filter
  • This feature in G Suite / Google workspace called advanced email content filtering rules we can reject outgoing messages that contain sensitive company information’s.
  • In this rule we can set up an outbound filter that detects the specific confidential words’ Company sales data’ in outgoing messages. Which is forward to outside the domains.
  • To restrict a user to send mails to specified IP address i.e. own company or Group Company. And range of IP addresses and rest areas. Mail may get quarantine or forwarded to his reporting managers. That means we can
  • Route messages with content that matches specific text/ IP and any type of set patterns. That mail get delivered to the head of IT/legal department to review.

How to setup Outgoing mail forwarding Rules:

Apps: G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced Settings > Content Compliance > Configure >
                1. Description about the rule
                2. Select outbound
                3. Expression – add email id where we want to transfer a copy

In above screenshot we have already created a rule for this email id. Now when user sent a a mail the copy of that mail delivered to 2 email ids.

4. Save

Q2 : How can I restrict user to delete emails from the inbox, sent items as well from Trash item?

Unfortunately such type of option to prevent users to delete items. Neither from the trash or their sent, Inbox labels not exists in G Suite / Google workspace. But we can use Google Vault (additional service) archival solutions of Google. There have options to create a rule to retain all the messages. So we have option to recover/restore deleted from trash item mails any time.

Go to users –> Click ad a filter –>move curser to the filtered user as follows–> click more and restore

For Google Workspace Basic license have by default we have option to restore all mails within 26 days.  Within this period we have option to restore even deleted mails as is was 26 day back.

For more reference you can look out the https://support.google.com/a/answer/1346934?hl=en
Google Vault: https://support.google.com/vault/?hl=en#topic=2739742

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