No Fonts were found, this application may not have been properly installed – Corel Draw

We found a common error with many Corel draw users as ‘No Fonts were found, this application may not have been properly installed’ even after doing repair, modify and reinstallation of the fresh coral Application

How to resolve No Fonts were found, this application shows in Corel Draw

As we can see in the following screen while you try to open coral draw the error comes all the time. We were using Corel draw x8. Tried to reinstall fonts no luck here too.

No fonts were found. This application may not have been properly installed

To resolve the problem, we tried all the available basic tricks. Which generally work for other applications like Adobe and Microsoft products. But here we were failed to resolve the problem.

Steps to resolve No Fonts were found of Corel Draw

We search the issue on google as well in Corel draw official website.  And finally found the solution as follows:

We found the solution to ‘No Fonts were found’ error of the Corel Draw 18 problem.
Go To the C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\Corel\FontDatabase\V1 and delete all the files inside available of the folder. This step will do reset the corrupt font database and will resolve your problem.

You must remove the Font database from the Corel app directory.

Corle FontDatabase folder

All the files you need to remove from the given above folder as selected/highlighted

You may directly go to the AppData folder just type %appdata% in the Run command prompt. Using this command you will reach default folder which get created for running an application in Windows machine.


Wrap up

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