New Year Celebration wishes

Why New Year is celebrated:

After many changes in the date of the New Year celebration in the ancient era. Finally, Julius Caesar created a Calendar which starts as 1st January. After that Even still many countries celebrate different New Year’s. But due to majority and power of English language and community New Year celebration, 1st January become most popular worldwide.

How to celebrate New Year:

Different counties celebrate New Year evening with family and friends in a specific location like Australia Sydney Harbour, Times square – USA, India gate & Gateway of India and in France Eiffel Tower etc. Here is a combination of Dance, music, concerts, Fireworks are major attractions.  We all wait for New Year with joy and happiness till late midnight at 12:00. Once Hours, Minutes and Second hands together fireworks and wishing gets started.

Happy New Year email and Messages:

New Year wishing starts these days in advance through attractive emails and messages. Social media i.e WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter reached all-time high transactions of messages and videos during New Year.

NYE (New Year’s Eve):

Happy New Year

Couple likes to get together a disco beat and bash, Delicious foods and do ware nice dresses around.

Outside of NYE (New Year’s Eve) celebration is more popular. Majority of people celebrate New year at home with Family and friends. New year evening celebration is not much safer these days. A crowd around, these people avoid going outside. This community like to watch TV and Videos related to New Year celebration problems. 

New Year party:

This day most of the restaurant & Hotel do promote in advance for a different type of packages and concerts. To avoid last time rush, we advise book your table in advance for party. For searching nearby events just type in google New year party celebration near me

New year song:

If you are looking for New year songs these days this is not a big task here is the list of apps which automatically highlight songs for the new year. Amazon music with prime music, Apple music,, Google play music etc.  Or you may search in google songs for New Year.

About New Year:

New Year is the happiest event for everyone to celebrate and share the love around. This day we should leave our enemy behind. 

New Year resolutions:

  • The resolution should be achievable, not ignorable.
  • Make a commitment, not postponement.
  • Health-related If you keep your health good then only you may achieve your goals.
  • Work-life balance: It’s not easy to maintain, but we may start from scratch.
  • Develop your personality and skill without these two tools set you will be downgraded by all.   
  • Think about personal apart from your family & company, your life is important apart from these two.
  • Social media to Social: Try to avoid mobile social media apps try to get together with friends and relative physically instead. Don’t use a Mobile phone during a discussion with friends and family.
  • Get rid of mobile for 8 hours in a day spend time with your family (Parents, Child, and spouse)

These 8 resolutions will make you the best person for coming year in all the fields.

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