New and Advanced features of Apple iOS 13

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Apple iOS 13

All most after a year, the Apple team launched a new version of the Operating System named iOS13. This designed to give your iPhone a whole new look. As per preview, we see that iOS13 launched with a bundle to new and advanced features.

Apple iOS13

The key features of Apple iOS 13  

Dark mode in iOS 13

Beautiful new look – Now feel the colour of Apple black.
Turn on manually – Control on or off Dark mode and Schedule
Wallpapers – Optimized wallpapers based on your mode of view.
System integration and Works with your favourite apps

Photos and gallery iOS 13

  • All-new Photos tab – Event, unique day, birthday every think similar to Google photos.
  • Auto-playing Live Photos and videos – Autoplay photos and videos.
  • Smart photo previews – View photos, month year, day-wise.
  • Contextual transitions – Place tagging on all the photos.
  • Removes similar shots and clutter – Remove and identify duplicate photos significant events – Event tracker and photo collect accordingly and set the titles.
  • On this Day – Today in last year which photos you have taken. Flashback your memories.
  • Birthday mode – Mark birthday of a person from your library picture all the relevant photos get tagged for his/her birthday.
  • Zoom in and zoom out – Enlarge and minimize pics.
  • Extended Live Photos playback – Playback all photos it will work like a slide show.
  • Preview intensity
  • Video editing support – allows you to crop the video, format change etc.
  • Noise reduction and Sharpen – Remove the noise from the video and improve the quality of the video and pictures.

Camera enhanced :

Adjust Portrait Lighting intensity – Set the camera mode like a studio type to take picture studio quality.
High-Key Mono etc.

Security enhanced :

  • App location permissions – Set the app will open at my home and office only.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements – Set the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control.
  • Location controls for shared photos – Control pictures were taken privately.
  • App location transparency – Receive notification if any app opens in a restricted location.

Sign in with Apple ID:

Respect for your privacy – protect your personal details except for email id
Hide Email id – You have a provision to hid email id for third party app access.
Built-in security – Two-factor authentication for app access.
Works everywhere – Sign in using apple id your tab will be your mobile phone.

Home KIT :

Homekit secure video– secure your personal and private videos in iCloud with security
Enabled Router – This will be work as a router for your smart home devices.
HomePd AirPlay 2-enabled speakers in scenes and automation – Music in you palm
Siri shortcuts – Siri with advance improvement added for automation.
Home app – with advanced accessories control option.

Maps revamped

  • New map – See the realistic view of road, retro, parks and bar nearby.
  • Look Around – Explore where you want to go 3D image available in front of you.
  • Favourite Collections – Collect favourite locations and share with your loved one.
  • Share ETA – Track the estimated time of arrival with the family.
  • Improved Siri Guidance – Siri now will reply quickly and understand your local language.
  • Real-time Transit – Live departure time track.
  • Flight status – Know your slight status.
  • Place Card – Will share your event around you.
  • MapKit – Advance vector overlays.
  • Improve CarPlay Experience- Will help you to plan your route, search and navigate the location.

Siri – is like Google Assistant

Siri Sound – Now Siri voice will be more natural like your friend.
App Siri now Become intelligent – Siri will search all the things of your apple phone and share your reminders.
Now Siri Kit for Audio – Radio – Ask Siri Tune my favourite song or radio station.

iOS13 shortcut

Shortcuts: Conversational shortcuts, Built-in Shortcut App, Suggested automation and automation.
HomePod: Personalise experiences – Inttelligent Siri recognizes your voice will play your choice of music.
AirPods: Messages with Siri – now Siri can read your message and notification read for you.
Audio Sharing – You can use two sets of iPod on one phone. ‘Sharing is a good habit’ but in this version, it has been removed.

Audio Sharing – You can use two sets of iPod on one phone. ‘Sharing is a good habit’ but in this version, it has been removed.

Audio Sharing using iPOD

Memoji and Messages

Share your name and photos- Share to whom you want to share your lovely pictures.
Attractive Memoji Wish list while you do type the message.
Improved search – Searching a message in this Os now has been improved
New Animoji – Mouse, Octopus and Cow added.


Quick Path – The Quick path keyboard now included Quick path option.
Swipe or tap to type- you have the option to select as per your convenience.
Quick path – Language support added a few more languages to increase the reach.
Language selection Dictation – You language will get automatically selected.


Faster App launch: Apps now open 2x Faster in IOS13
Face unlock – Quick and fast face unlock in this OS
Smaller app Download – Optimized app download will save space in your device.
Smaller app Update – Get smaller app updated.

Battery charging: Now battery life get improved. It will charge fast your battery.
Find people and iPhone: Now one single app will work search my iPhone and find my friends.
Find the iPhone even it is offline.


Cycle tracks, Period prediction, Period notification, fertile window perdition, Cycle history, summary view. Interactive chart and filters to track your health activities.
Mail – Now multicolour flags, block sender, extended reply, mute thread, text formatting and more.
Realty Composer – App for Creating AR experiences.

iOS 13 is compatible with following iPhone Version

iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro,iPhone 11 Pro Max,iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR,iPhone X, iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone SE,iPod touch (7th generation)


Apple one of the best mobile worldwide popular mobile device manufacture. Apple Tag line is ” Think Different” so here is the iOS13 which will also make a difference.

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