My latest Budget PC

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Here is sharing configuration for Assembled and budget PC for Student and home users.

Configuration for Budget PC

Product Model USD INR
Processor Intel I3 7th Gen 124 7800
Gigabyte H110 MH2 56 3500
Ram Kingston DDR4 4gb 51 3200
HDD Seagate 1 TB 52 3300
Keyboard +Mouse Lenovo/Logitech 11 700
Cabinet Iball/Rosewell/Antec 27 1700
Monitor Dell, AOC, Acer 79 5000
Speaker Iball/Doss Touch 13 800
Total 413 26000

*OS choice is yours (Windows or Linux)
*Service engineer may ask you for installation fee
*UPS you can procure if required price starts from 1500 (INR) 23 USD

Share here our personal experiences and using such a system for our own team.

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