My first Computer

We all like to buy a computer for our children and for home uses. Here we search a budget offer with decent configuration for Home Pc.
We suggest contact with any local Computer hardware engineer who will assemble the PC for you.

Assemble your dream computer

Parts Needs to PurchaseINR$
AMD 3.8 GHz FM2 A4 6320350050.00
GigaByte GA F2A55M380054.29
Ram any Brand 4GB 220031.43
Seagate HDD 500 GB250035.71
Keyboard + Mouse Logitech70010.00
Cabinet Iball, Zebronics 450 PSU180025.71
Monitor (Benq, AOC, Acer, LG) 18.5″520074.29
Creative SBS A356148.77

*Also you need to buy Operating System (OS) Separately.
Choose an Operating system which set in your budget and uses. Different Windows and Linux version are available in the market. Ubuntu is one of the famous OS.

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