MIKO 2 buddy – A unique Personal Robot for Kids

After a successful journey of Miko Robo is now Miko 2 will comes with advanced features and more powerful innovations. It will help you to engage, educates and entertains your kids. It’s a child-safe personal robot that can see, hear, sense and remember your child’s moods. Every interaction with Miko 2 makes your child smarter and happier. Miko 2 opens your child’s world to millions of possibilities.


Smart Little Friend

It will work like a friend’s buddy of your kids.
Grows with your child – Miko 2 naturally understands and responds to the child’s moods, has meaningful chats and provides companionship. Means a robot will able to understand the behaviour of your kids ongoing.

A cute little all-rounder

An all-rounder that doesn’t just sing or dance to entertain, Miko 2 enables playing games and narrates exciting stories as well. Will reply to your child silly questions. Also, will auto-reply if anything found not relevant to your kids.

Parental Control app

With the Miko 2 App and its enhanced Parental Dashboard, you have greater control over Miko’s interaction with your child.

Child and Data Safe

Miko 2 is completely safe for children! Your child’s data is encrypted and completely protected. The ownership of the data lies in your hands as a parent.

TeleConnect Progress report

Missing out on important milestones in your child’s life? Want to track your child’s progress while you are away at work? TeleConnect with your child through Miko 2! Yes, you can have a video call and remotely control your Miko 2 from work to talk to your child

More about the Salient features of the Robot

MIKO 2 Features

Camera & Sensor – Miko will able to see you and Miko 2 to identify, remember and recollect known faces, objects and the world around it. The “Time of Flight” sensor helps it to survey and understand your room and its setting over a period and detect obstacles, while the edge sensors ensure your Miko 2 intelligently saves itself from falling.

Voice & Ear of Miko – Miko 2 uses dual active noise cancellation microphones to better understand the voice of your child and cancel out any noise. Using beamforming, Miko 2 can hear your child even from a distance and estimate their direction to face them and have a conversation

Expression Screen – Miko 2 attempts to understand your child’s emotions, their voice and feelings through its camera and microphones. Every bit of this information is processed by our proprietary emotional intelligence engine. You will experience a new world of emotions with Miko 2 based on your past interactions.

Speaker: Using Hi-Performance speakers, Miko 2 speaks directly to you and your child with its unique voice.

Specifications of Miko 2

Price INR 24999 and $350 Approx.
Colour Martian Red, Pixie Blue and Goblin Green
Dimension 12cm x 15 cm x 18 cm
Weight 900 gm
Processor 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Sensors Microphones, Touchpad, Camera, Inertial, Time of Flight Sensor, Edge Sensor, Odometric
Connectivity Wifi, Bluetooth
Display 2.8 Inch Wide Angle High-Resolution IPS Display
Power Connectivity Charging time 1.5 hour, discharge time 3 hours and Standby 12 hours
Speakers Dual HI Performance Speakers
Language English
Add ins Miko 2, Power Adapter, User Guide
Available At Hamleys, Croma, Flipkart and https://miko.ai/in/store


An innovation for kids will help your children to grow with the buddy of knowledge. As per our thought Kids will grow and learn not like parents. He/she will grow and gain knowledge like his nearby friends/buddy.

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Source: miko.ai

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