Microsoft Teams app is no longer compatible with your device

Microsoft Team app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the Developers, this type of message shows in your play store. That means your device is not compatible with this version of the Microsoft team app.

As the Android version 4.4 is very old, it is released on October 31, 2013. This issue comes not only with these apps. We recommended using the latest version of android the higher, the better.

System requirements for Microsoft Teams for personal / Business use:

You can use Teams for your personal uses on your mobile, tablet, or desktop device. The least requirements to use Microsoft Teams in Android devices.

Microsoft Team app Android phones and tablets:

Teams work with Android devices using the last four major OS versions. So, if you are planning to install the Microsoft Team on your mobile. Look out for different versions of Android and check the last 4 supportable versions.

For example, when a new, major version of Android is released. Teams will support the new version and the three most recent versions that precede it.

Note: For the best experience of Microsoft team. Suggested using the latest/updated version of Android or iOS.

Questions in your mind may arise as follows:

How to install Microsoft teams for android 4.4.4?

Where can we get the Microsoft team’s older version for android?

Which version of Microsoft teams supports android 4.4.4?

Which Microsoft teams for android 4.4.4?

We can install Microsoft Team in your old Mobile and Tablet

As our teammate face the difficulty and share his experience with us. After that, our team dig the issue and found R&D-based solutions. Here we are sharing some screenshots. Before and after the installation of the Microsoft Team in the Samsung Tablet SM T561 model.

The supported version for Samsung SM T561 is as follows:

App NameMicrosoft Team App
Version of App1416/ (Android 4.4+)
ByMicrosoft Corporation
App Sizeapprox. 40 MB
Android version supportMin: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)
Supported TabletsSamsung SM T561, Acer tablet, Samsung S2 9.7 tablet, and Samsung S series laptop

Download Microsoft Team for Old Mobile and Tablet i.e., Android version 4.4 / Download Microsoft Team APK for Android 4.4

How to install APK / setup of Android app in a mobile/tablet?

Install Android app received from Unknown resources

By default android mobile devices not allowed us to install and APK an android setup for APP/software. When you will download the above it will show you need to allow Unknown sources.

In the final, you also need to update Google play services. As we see the error in Microsoft Teams app ‘Your device is not compatible with this version google play services’

Conclusion: We as a team like to share the contents based on our own R&D and trusted tricks. Share with us if you found any difficulties during the process

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