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Linux OS was written by software developer’s hard-core system programmers to programmers. Linux has no propriety ownership of any company like Microsoft or Apple.

Linux is an open-source for the developer’s community. It makes changes and updates in it. Linux is available in different distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Kali Linux, SuSe and BOSS etc. Anybody can be part of the Linux development process. 

Linux is license is GNU (General Public License) the Kernel of the Linux is free and Open-source. Linux is open book anybody can write and develop their own operating systems. This encourages the developer to just dip in the ocean of computer science.

Linux for Programmer

Difference between macOS vs. Linux vs. Windows

Apple’s MacOS (although built on unclearly open source) but still MacOS has proprietary of Apple Inc. Its GUI is unique and completely proprietary. Nobody can make any updates without permission or authorization of the marketing company MacOS team.

Microsoft Windows is one of the biggest market share in desktop and laptop pcs. It is easy to use and user-friendly Operating system. First is always the first strategy works for Microsoft. Kids do learn Windows in school that is why the user base of the windows is huge. Windows OS is complete propriety of Microsoft. Nobody can make any update or changes for This OS also. There is a limitation of programmers. Programmers need to work as per set rules of windows.


If we say Linux is a fertile landscape for the programmer. It would not be superlative. Linux is an interesting plant.

Linux is little critical to understand but there are endless limitations for the programmer. Linux very secure because there are programmers who have rights to manage or set his own rules. All the big companies like Microsoft, Mac and google have their own Developed customize Linux OS for Servers. 


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