Latest updates of WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the world’s top with having more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. This app is one of the best-preferred instant messing app across the world. WhatsApp also does regular new features updates and changes.

Whatsapp updates

Recent Latest updates of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Dark Mode enabled

Dark mode will help and will reduce strain on your eyes. Everyone likes to chit-chat while they go to sleep “good night”. This is the time when we mostly people like to communicate with our loved one at least for 5 minutes. Dark mode will also less consume your mobile battery.

WhatsApp emoji
Whatsapp Emoji

Fingerprint Unlock like mobile phone

As we are using WhatsApp password pin security to mention privacy. Here are changes WhatsApp will shortly plan to incorporate a fingerprint lock. Now, whenever you will try to open WhatsApp It will ask for figure impression.

But this feature will work for all the mobile or not this will be a question. As we are assuming now we don’t need to install separate apps from google store to protect app access.

Video Preview

This feature will enable users to see a video right from the notification tray. This updates will allow you to see the video preview in the notification tray.

Consecutive Voice Message

The new Consecutive Voice Message feature will be useful for who chat voice messages. Users will no longer need to tap on every voice messages to hear. The app will automatically play the next message after you finish listening to the first one. You will listen to communication in a flow.

Sticker Search option

Now if you know the name of the sticker you can search instead of going to check every sticker. Earlier Whatsapp has a search option for Emojis and GIFs. User will be able to search for their favourite stickers in the bottom drawer. It will get appeared by just simple typing specific choice of words. Making it easier and faster to communicate with stickers.

Whatsapp Stickers

Screenshot capture block

WhatsApp planning to stop screenshot of personal chat screen. Recently we show that many peoples trying to do black mail. Or social sharing of these screenshots publically. Therefor WhatsApp decided to block screen capture options.

Conclusions: All the above features of WhatsApp may be updated already. Few are still in pipeline for release.

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