Laptop and Smartphones Differences

Laptop and smartphone are our best buddy to do work in this digital era. In this post, you will know more about them. Just review the differences and use these gadgets as per your preferences and requirements.

Explore the differences of a Laptop vs Smartphone

Explore the differences of a Laptop vs Smartphone

Key Factor check Laptop Smartphone
Battery Life Battery life in a laptop is less as compared to a smartphone. These days most of the laptop also trying to provide high cell batteries but still, there is gapped to meet mobile battery life. The minimum Battery life of a smartphone is more than a day. All mobiles come with lithium-ion (Li-ion) based.
Display & Size The display size of a laptop starts from 10″ to 15″ approx. most of the Laptop screen is available in market LCDs & LED-based. Needs a bag to carry. While laptops are light and portable by design. But still can’t they compete with smartphones. A Smartphone has a limit in its screen size up to 6 inches approx. and Display of the screen types comes as LCD, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, TFT, IPS etc. This new edge technology makes the screen of a smartphone Crystal clear as compared to Laptop screen. you just need to keep a smartphone in your pocket and purse.
Processing Speed As compared to a Smartphone laptop and desktop would be more powerful. Will work smoother as compared to mobile devices. Heavy work and applications can be run in a laptop easily As compared to a laptop Mobile phones processor are different in make and power consumptions. For mobile, there is a different type of processor being used as Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Apple A13 and Samsung Exynos etc.
RAM Although Mobile is coming with High ram-like 8gb and 12gb still Laptop ram has a better performance and Architecture. And Ram in a Laptop helps us to work quickly and efficiently for High-end applications. The smartphone comes with high capacity ram do help us to work quickly and smoothly similar to a Laptop. But the power of a RAM in same capacity work better in Laptop.
Camera A laptop generally comes with normal Camera. The newly launched Laptop coming with HD camera. But still, there is huge cap of Camera quality. The smartphone comes with High Quality latest mobiles are equipped like DSLR features. A great camera is now an identity of a mobile. Along with RAM and processor buyer preferring decent camera mobiles.
Storage As compared to mobile here Laptop win. The laptop comes today a minimum of 500 GB and 250 GB with SSD. Mobile with high capacity of storage is costly and rare models available in the market.
Fingerprint sensor. Few models come with Fingerprint scanner facility like Lenovo B40-70. These days almost smartphone coming with back or front Fingerprint options
Fast Charging +/ Wireless charging. Fast charging and wireless charging facility do not exist for any laptop as of now Fast charging and Wireless charging coming with few high and mid-range of the smartphone.
Graphics Card The selective laptop comes with a dedicated Graphic card. Especially if you are planning to buy Laptop for Gamming and drawing purposes. GPU is coming with almost every mobile these days. You can play now high-end games with your smartphones like PubG.
Keyboard We use the laptop for regular work. With the help of keyboard and this is the very important things in the laptop.  Without a keyboard, we can’t imagine a laptop. Without a keyboard, you can’t do any business or professional work on your mobile. Just simple net surfing or social media mobile can be used. But if you want to use it as log go it’s not possible.
Operating system The laptop comes with Windows, macOS, Linux and ChromeOS. Most of the share captured by Android, iOS in the last Windows.
Accessories Built-in Speaker and Audio jack available for Aux. Inbuilt speakers and mic available, you can connect external Audio system and mic for communication.
Cost Laptop starting price from $125 The smartphone is available in start at just $55


Most of the time we are engaged with the smartphone. Why we required laptops and desktops? In this article, we tried to find out key differences of a Laptop vs Smartphone.

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