Jawa bike Global now in India

About the bike

Jawa was founded in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in 1929 by Frantisek Janecek. He purchased the motorcycle division of Wanderer, and the ‘Jawa’ name is the merger of the two letters of his name and Wanderer.

Jawa is an international brand and already running many bikes in American countries. also in any European countries with different high end models.

Recent news published in India. That Classic Legends a subsidiary of Mahindra’s Two-Wheeler. Taken rights for productions of JAWA bike in India (Pune-Maharashtra). It is good news for bike lovers in this region.

Especially will starts manufacturing of 300cc Jawa Forty-Two and Standard editions.

JAWA not JAVA but its powerful similar too

Basic Descriptions about Jawa

Price: In India, its price would be starting from approx. 1.65 to 1.80 Lac ($2300 to $2700) depends on the model to model. Would be approx. like RE 350.

The engine of Jawa: It has 300 cc liquid cooled mojo engine which is refined and makes enough horsepower. With 27 BHP (brake horsepower)

Jawa bike in Global now in India

The weight of Jawa: Weight is approx. 170 kg seems lighter than Royal Enfield 350.

Rest in the road: Jawa already running successfully in many countries there is now in India. Here is different infrastructure and condition. Let’s see in a couple of years to check the Jawa.

Response from Bikers

After the launch of Jawa people are excited to buy this bike. It seems that Jawa will give a strong competition to Royal Enfield Classic 350. People in India do less believe in “old is gold”. They believe change and follow the system.

In India, in the last few years, Royal Enfield bikes sales increase in many folds. So, I would personally believe Jawa may be the next one.


India is nowadays the biggest market for Bikes and cars, everyone, trying to be a part of the bull race. Here sharing few pics about the bike.

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