If you are facing any difficulty to install. Or run DSC (Digital Signature certificate) in epfo (Employee Provident Fund Organization). This feature we generally use to sign a pdf file generated in this website itself.

The website gets automatically diverted to install Java. As we see this is not the only problem with Java. All the web browsers are now more secured which are not allowing anymore for third party plugins. Thus, Java error in epfo portal coming.

System Requirement for DSC in EPFO website:

You need to Install Web browser older version like Firefox 43.0.02 and IE11. These are the epfo browser & java version support. After doing long R&D for this issue we finally got the solutions with the following combination.

Browser & Java Version for EPF Unified Portal

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 32 bit to Windows 10 and windows 11
  • Browser: Firefox up to 48.01 browser.
  • Java: 8.171

Download Older Version of Firefox Archival and Java

Check Java Version compatibility  

Open Firefox open google and type Verify Java Version following screen get appeared. This was showing in my own Windows 10 machine which is not going to support Java Plugin anymore.

  • Firefox
Verify Java version in Firefox browser
Verify Java version in Chrome browser

Step to enable DSC for EPFO website

Step 1.
Go to Control panel and look for Java icon and go to security –> Edit Site list. –> A complete URL
Now press applies and ok button.

Update websites in Java app

Step 2
Open Firefox browser Close all the updates for future stability for epfo website.

Open Menu and go to options. After that open advanced – update in remove check from automatically install updates.  and check Never check for updates.

How to stop Firefox updates for epfo portal ?

After installation of Mozilla Firefox go to Open Menu, Three Lines Settings – Options –Advanced as shows in following screen. You can also direct search settings screen for ‘update’.

How to Stop Firefox updates.

Now your browser will not get automatic updates. In future you do not needs to reconfigure and process these all steps.

Step 3

Open URL in Firefox and enter user id & Password as provided to your organization.  

EPFO Employer Login Screen

Select the transaction where you want to make Digital Signature. In our case we use this for MEMBER –> APPROVE KYC PENDING FOR DS. And there we found a long list of pending requests and click on DS KYC.

Validate Approve KYC pending for DS
  • The first screen will appear like this.
Java Enabling DSC in EPFO
  • The second screen inside a box asks you to enable the Java plugins. You need to enable and remember forever option.
Enable Java plugins in Firefox
Click in Minus symbol allow Java plugin

At the last, a screen gets appeared click on run. After checking the box to remember this transaction in future.

Enable Java applets.

Now after a while following screen of PDF SIGNATURE will appear. Select the Signature and enter the password of DSC.

Digital Screen Certificate box


This website uses java plugins to get access to the DSC. All the latest updated web browsers are not allowing Java plugins directly. So this article will help you till the website gets updated.

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