Internet Security Tips

We all are concern about internet privacy. This article will help you to protect internet security.
Hope you’re aware of your activities on the web search is getting record. Anyone can learn about you from the internet. Most importantly, giant companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

Let’s delete your traces on the internet. Search your name in google this is the most basic thing. So that you can get to know what you are dealing with.

Remove your records from the internet:

Check all the websites which display your information’s. Check is your name exists in any blog which has your name or pictures. A former employee website which still has your database or so on. Find the email address of the owner and sent them a mail requesting them to delete the information or at least remove your name from it.

Remove your addresses, phone and contact details from a shopping website and then delete all your shopping website’s account.

Protect your Social media Contact Detail

Get away from social media. This can be achieved by deactivating all social media accounts. (Hard to digest! But, you should do it if you want no trace on the internet). Or you must be aware of in the privacy area of the social media app. For important Email providers like G-mail and yahoo, just remove your personal info like name, address and so on. Using a service like Delete me can make removing yourself from the Internet less of a headache.

Don’t share travel plan on Social media

Don’t keep it open view for all. Don’t share your tour and travel information online. We see that most of the people who visited outside with their family, There alone house get theft.

Don’t run for likes, likes can do your accounts wipe

Today Digital THIEVES are more active on the web as compaired to your locality.

Prevent to register an anonymous website

Don’t register on any website which you don’t know about. Be unidentified in search engines. Use searching on the web without supplying your personal information like Location, Email, etc.

Remove your personal information from web search

There is provision to remove information from the web just write to the website support sell. Google, Bing and yahoo search also have simple forms to ask to remove your information from search engines.
Remove personal information from Google go through this link.

You will be able to remove all your details from the web.  One the search engine to process your request your details from common search get removed.
Go through this link to get more deep knowledge about remove personal information from the web search.

Conclusion :

Prevention is a cure not only applied for medical terms. Now, these terms are being used for Internet of things also. Good and bad things always exist in the universe. Keep the good avoid the bad. Don’t allow bad things to spoil your life.

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