Image Previews Not Showing in Windows 8/10 folder?

Recently we received a call from our client. As he said that after installing windows 8 he is not able to view. The Image Thumbnail not showing previews of Image and video files in windows explorer. After digging into the issue, we found that. Many people facing the same issue in Windows 10 also.

The directory/folder that contained pictures or videos, should show a thumbnail. As preview along with the folder. But In this case, the picture and video files exist inside the folder/directory. Still, the folder icon showing as a normal view folder icon.

How Windows explorer screen shows without Image Thumbnail

The screen shows as follows in Windows 10; We will check and try to get back the photo icon for each image:

If you want the thumbnail/image previews back as follows in Windows Explorer:

Here is how we can do it?

Options to view again Image previews in Windows 8 / 10 folder


Open Windows Explorer -> Click on View -> Click on Options and Change folder and search options.

Next, click on the View tab of the new popup and uncheck the box Always show icons, never thumbnails.

Once we uncheck the above option. We should now get a thumbnail for all pictures, videos, and even documents pdf, etc. As shown in the following screenshot.

Other Option to get Image Previews in Windows 8/10 folder


We search and find one more option to adjust. The Thumbnails/preview of the folders in windows explorer. The Image Previews will now show in Windows Explorer.

For that, you need to First right-click on My Computer / This Pc from the desktop -> Go to properties

And then look out for Advanced System Settings on the left side of your Windows pc. i.e.

This will open the System Properties dialog. Here you need to click on the Advanced tab and then click on Settings under Performance.

Finally, make sure Show thumbnails instead of icons is checked.

We assure you that these two settings help you out. And resolved the issue not showing Thumbnail Image Previews in Windows 8/10. After doing these changes all the pictures, videos, documents, and other file types. Will show respective icons instead of the plain folder view.

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